The Boys Having Some Fun With The Pen


I drank beer with Aurele Joliat in Ottawa at the old Prescott Hotel, sometime in the mid-1980’s, and drove him home afterwards. I had brought my book, ‘The Montreal Canadiens” by Claude Mouton with me, and Aurele was more than happy to sign it and mention my broken arm.


Ken Dryden signed his book ‘The Game’ for me by writing “I’ve had a lot of fans in my life, and you’re one of them. Happy Birthday, Dennis”

My sister got him to do it. It was a bit of an inside joke.







2 thoughts on “The Boys Having Some Fun With The Pen”

  1. Dennis,

    That is the only Aurele Joliat autograph i have ever seen that is unquestionably authentic. I have been on a search for one of his autographs for a while and i cant stress how hard it is to find. I had the honor of meeting ken dryden in powell river about 3 years ago and he is the weirdest guy i have ever met in my life ( including the drunken fools i’ve encountered outside various bars in my life). We should check out eachother’s collections one of these days.

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