The Boys Better Be Ready In Buffalo

Habs in Buffalo in a few hours, and hopefully the team’s ready. They’ve been falling behind often lately, and it’d be nice if they can pop a couple early and let the other team play catch-up for a change.

But the Sabres have been playing well. They’re 5th in the east with 32 points, while Montreal is 12th with 26 points. Buffalo is also stingier in goal with their goals-against at 55 while the Canadiens have allowed 77.

So c’mon boys, score early and win. And a shutout would be a nice little bonus.

One thought on “The Boys Better Be Ready In Buffalo”

  1. Not going to happen tonight. No defense and Halak is rusty and reboundy. Down 3 early in the first, it doesn’t look good.
    Another stink-o-rama…
    The Molsons must be wanting to ask for their money back right about now.

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