The Boys Are Back In Town With Big Game Against Atlanta

Things are going quite swimmingly as the first period of the Montreal-Atlanta matinee comes to an end. It’s 1-1, the Canadiens are outshooting the Georgians 16-5, the gang is playing with jump, and the Wiz continues making an impact by springing Tomas Plekanec free late in the frame on the power play to even it at one apiece.

The Habs look happy to be at home. We’re happy they’re at home. Maybe even their wives and kids are happy they’re at home.

It’s going reasonably well on the ice but I’m not sure about myself and my timing. I need to leave in approximately 90 minutes which begs the question, – can they get the second period going quite soon and can they play two periods in 90 minutes?

It remains to be seen. Depends a lot on whether there’s a parade of penalties. And of course, overtime.

The second period is finally underway and shortly after, Atlanta snuck one through the pads of Carey Price to make it 2-1 enemy. Both Thrashers goals have been weak which leads me to ask myself – should I begin to feel nervous about Carey Price? Is he still a brick wall, or is he becoming a wall with holes in it like some of the places I’ve lived in over the years?

Whooppee! PK Subban blasts one home from the blueline, another power play goal, and it’s all tied up again. Seeing PK do that makes me swell with pride, like I was his dad or something.

Of course. Naturally. Sixteen seconds left in the period and Atlanta scores. I have no words. Except why didn’t you get it done on your breakaway, Brian Gionta? You used to be a goal scorer, remember?

It’s the end of two periods and I need to go in 45 minutes. Can’t they just do a quick flooding with the Zamboni and start again?

The third is now underway and the boys are getting chances. But close doesn’t count. They have to bury their chances and so far, as I slowly get ready to go out the door and off to work, they haven’t been burying them and still find themselves down 3-2.

I wonder what Jean Beliveau is thinking about this team right now.

Furious, frantic scrambles near the Atlanta net, but alas, no finish for the Canadiens. Five minutes to go and I’m edging toward the door. Can they do it?

GIONTA SCORES!!!!!!!  GIONTA SCORES!!!!!!!  It’s tied at three and I really have to go. I can’t delay this anymore. There’s a minute and a half left.

How will it turn out?

I’m still here, I’m going to be late for work. Only seconds left and I really have go. Overtime awaits. So does my boss.

Okay, I’m at work now and I see how it ended up. Big Buff  scores for the Atlanta Byfugliens. 4-3 enemy. Whatever.

Random Notes:

Habs host Pittsburgh on Thursday. Maybe several of the Penguins are under the weather following the Winter Classic.

8 thoughts on “The Boys Are Back In Town With Big Game Against Atlanta”

  1. Dennis it was a big game. And it had more ups and downs than a strumpet’s knickers

    Unfortunately, duty called and you had to leave to service the travelling public.

    But I won’t spoil it for you since you probably taped it to watch later when you got back home.

    I will say this. The game did end. It was televised in its entirety. There was a winner and a loser.

  2. I know what happened now, Danno. I went right to the scoreboard when I got to work. But thanks. I couldn’t wait. Too much suspense. What a shame but they got a point.

  3. It is a bit of a shame Dennis. And I still don’t like the loser point even though we got one this time. Refs were unkind to us but it was Ondrej Pavalec, who faced 50 shots who was the main reason for the Thrashers win. Still, we managed to compete against a top team so maybe things are beginning to turn around. And it can’t happen soon enough because next up is Pittsburgh on Thursday followed by Boston on Saturday.

  4. PK pinched too deep and didn’t come back hard enough and reacted badly causing the penalty. Paccioretty didn’t cover the man properly so PK foreced into penalty. Looks to me that Moen is new target as he seems to have lost an edge. He’s not feisty, he’s too slow and has hands of stone and rarely in ‘in the mix.’ Maybe he’s too old, like Hammer. Spacek did great I thought and Gomez should of had the assist on PK’s goal. Gomez coming on which is great. A much better game than any the entire month.

  5. the habs make every opposing goalie look like tretiak circa ’75………….the one who faces the habs the most will win the vezina.

  6. Seems like it, Hobo. Every goalie plays like they’ve never played before when they go against the Habs. How come?

  7. Mayo, Moen’s almost invisble. He’s not doing what he’s paid to do and it’s a shame for a good Saskatchewan boy. He’s not helping and becuase of that I’m mad at him.

  8. Danno, I thought they played really well and if they do this game in and game out they’ll win their share of games. They weren’t listless and actually looked fairly impressive. Unlike the road trip from Hell.

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