The Boston Bruins And Some Lousy Boards Almost Ruin A Great Party.

If it wasn’t for Carey Price, the Boston Bruins would’ve fought back from more than a 3-0 deficit. They almost overcame a bunch of Hab greats in the building, an anxious dropping-of-the-puck by Elmer Lach and Emile ‘Butch’ Bouchard that had me a little worried for Butch, a fired-up crowd, and the rest of us in TV land who only had eyes on the Canadiens.


And the Montreal Canadiens got no help at all from the supposedly state-of-the-art Bell Centre.


It began like a Disney movie. The interviews with Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur, the old players introduced – Henri Richard, Larry Robinson, Guy Lapointe and many others, the vintage photos and films, the lavish praise from hockey analysts, and most importantly, three big goals in the first period by Alex Kovalev, Saku Koivu, and Maxim Lapierre.


It was a perfect script. Better start drawing up the parade route plans.


But then, disturbingly, the Canadiens adrenaline, for whatever reason, dried up half-way through, and little by little, only Price was there to keep it close. So much for the classic third-period team I talked about yesterday. Montreal proved that first-period hockey absolutely isn’t good enough.


Shamefully, it was a construction flaw that almost turned a great night into a complete disaster. An innocent shoot-in that hit an obvious seam in the boards that fooled Price, banged in by the Bruins’ Marc Savard, and with only 47 seconds to go, the game was tied.


It’s unacceptable for the boards to have this flaw. Montreal brass better have a good long talk with the maintenance foreman.


In the end, Alex Tanguay scored the shootout winner and the night was salvaged. But it’s not good. Montreal has to play a full sixty minutes. Thankfully it’s early in the season and they can learn a big lesson from this.


This is how the Canadiens almost lost the opening round series to Boston in last year’s playoff, by not keeping the pedal to the metal.


So there’s still some fine-tuning to be done.


But it’s two points. And for now, that’s good enough.




Georges Laraque, in his first game in a Habs uniform, in the first two and a half minutes of the game, had a good scrap with Bruins’ Shawn Thornton. And although it was fairly even, Laraque made his presence felt, which I’m sure is what he wanted to do.


The crowd started to boo Guillaume Latendresse a little tonight. He has to pick it up a little.


Next up – The Phoenix Coyotes visit the Bell Centre Saturday. You can bet the boards will be fixed by then.



7 thoughts on “The Boston Bruins And Some Lousy Boards Almost Ruin A Great Party.”

  1. hi DENNIS
    i thought LES CANADIENS play very good,but a bad bounce of the puck made the game interesting,remember as a kid when you watch hockey,you would hope it would go in overtime so you could stay up longer,,,well now we have the shootout if the overtime dont do it,PRICE was solid but BOSTON came on strong,RANGERS lost to BUFFALO who now is the team to beat,well… i have to go to work this morninghave a good day

  2. I could tell the comeback was on midway through the second, when the Habs had back to back powerplays and couldn’t even get into the Boston zone. Instead of doing what they always did, they would try for the pass up the middle, let someone stickhandle around three Bruins, and score. They got away from their normal play, Boston killed the penalties without working up a sweat and got momentum.

  3. I was between Dick Duff and Larry Robinson! But I don’t remember booing Lats… I know we were booing the refs though (and Ryyyyyderrrr, Thooomaaas, Luuuuucic). They were letting the Bears get away with almost everything, especially in overtime. Not that it would matter. Habs just lost it in the 2nd, and left it up to Price. Thankfully he caught Chara’s rocket (not that easy to catch the hardest shot in the league) or we’d have gone home with a sad home opener and an assist point to Disney. But with every opportunity on Boston, they still didn’t win it, so yay. That’s 12-0 now.

  4. I hope they weren’t booing him. Maybe I just thought I heard that. I hope I’m wrong.
    You must have season tickets?

  5. Nope, not season tickets. I got the 5 Victory Pack games (so when they win while I’m there I get sent free tickets to some random game). It just happened to include the home opener, which was really nice since it fell on my brother’s birthday. I’m such a nice sister 😉

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