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I’ve mentioned a few times over the years about the time I got a book for Christmas when I was kid, called Let’s Play Hockey, which my father sent away to Montreal and got signed by pretty well every Montreal Canadien player from the 1958-59 season, with just Doug Harvey’s signature missing.

Not long after, my dad took me to a Habs-Leafs game in Toronto and he brought the book, took it down by the Canadiens dressing room, found Toe Blake, and asked Toe if he would take the book into the room and have Harvey sign it for me, which Blake did. That’s Harvey’s autograph over on the left, on its own.

As you can see, Jacques Plante’s at the bottom, Toe Blake’s at the top, along with Maurice and Henri Richard, Jean Beliveau, Dickie Moore, Boom Boom Geoffrion, Jean Guy Talbot, Claude Provost, Tom Johnson, Marcel Bonin, Ralph Backstrom, Phil Goyette, Bob Turner, Ab McDonald, Don Marshall, Andre Pronovost, and Ian Cushenan.

This team, of course, was a Stanley Cup winner.

The brown marks are from scotch tape which I’d used to protect the signatures with plastic back then.

Just recently while going through some old programs, I found an ad for this book, and as you can see, it cost a whopping $1.50 back then, which was probably a couple of hours work for my dad. The dust jacket for my book is long gone, so discovering this ad was cool. I’d forgotten what the cover looked like.






5 thoughts on “The Book’s Cover”

  1. Nice legible signatures compared to the chicken scratch that passes for autographs nowadays – Some players if they did not put their number by their name one would have problems identifying their signature……

  2. Hey Dennis, A great keepsake to share with your friends and family. I wish that I still had my autographs and memorabilia from my younger years, would be great to look back as you have and great that you share it with us. I really don’t have anything to share, I did get a motorboat from the shooter girl at Aundulay’s pup in Peurto Vallarta last month, is that worth sharing?

  3. Martin, most autographs now are ridiculous. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for the scribbles they make. You’re right – if there weren’t numbers, no one would ever know.

  4. Derry, we let you go away without telling us more about the motorboat from the shooter girl. So please share.

  5. Dennis, I know I don’t have to tell you this, but you that book is absolutely priceless – and I don’t mean its monetary value.

    What a treasure your father gave you!

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