The Blair Betts Project

Blair Betts, the 6’3″, 210 pounder whom Montreal grabbed on waivers from Philadelphia recently, has been returned to the Flyers because he’s physically unfit.

Oh well. We thought we had a big forward who would help on the penalty kill and faceoffs, and now we don’t.

And look at poor Betts. He thought he had become a proud member of the Montreal Canadiens, and he hadn’t.



7 thoughts on “The Blair Betts Project”

  1. Well that was a big to-do about nothing eh? Nice of the Flyers to try and pass of a player in worse shape than they let on. It’d be nice if they got a hefty fine for it.

  2. I guess all Betts are off then eh Dennis.

    The deal was too good to be true. And now we know why.

    Habs are cursed with injuries already. Spacek out after being hit hard by Evander Kane and now Cammaleri goes off with a bad cut above the knee and apparently had to leave the arena in an ambulance.

    This is not looking good.

  3. Dennis, Mike Boone is reporting unofficially on the HIO blog that the injuries to Spacek and Cammalleri are NOT serious.

    Now we have one more thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

  4. Danno, That’s good news. I’m praying that’s the case. Please let it be true that Cammy and Spacek won’t be gone long.

  5. Give Engqvist time. He won’t punch people, or scare anyone, but he’ll win faceoffs and kill penalties, and he’s a fairly healthy big young 23 year old man. Only way the kids will learn is to play. May not be your typical 4th liner but he’s a typical JMart guy. Smart player. I’ve seen plenty from him with the Dogs to know he can be useful for the Habs.

    Would have been nice to have Betts healthy. Never trust those Flyers doctors. Maybe Habs can find someone else off waivers another day if they need it.

  6. Yeah, 31, Engqvist is 6’4 or something, so I like that. Betts going back may be a lottery win for Engqvist and although I don’t know much about him, he does look like a skilled and smart player. So the Betts thing could be a blessing in disguise. Yes, leave it to the Flyers.

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