The Big Sports Dinner

Roger Crozier was there, and so was Andy Bathgate and hurler Sal Maglie and a host of others, including my peewee baseball team that rolled over unsuspecting teams from around Ontario.

It was the 3rd annual Sports Celebrity Dinner in Orillia, from June 1964, organized by local radio personality Ken McDonald, later known as Jiggs McDonald.

Only a few years after this fancy affair, Jiggs would find himself broadcasting NHL games in Los Angeles when the league first expanded, and then in Atlanta and Long Island (along with stints in Toronto and Florida). Jiggs ultimately wound up in the Hall of Fame as a recipient of the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award.

This is my program from that big night at Club Pavalon, a place where, on normal nights, gave us some of the best live rock bands from the province and beyond.






Former NHLer Cal Gardner is in the Terriers lineup.


My peewee team. They spelled my name wrong.





Jr. C

Below, Rick Ley, who would go on to NHL and WHA stardom, is in the front row of the midget team.



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  1. They sure did, Ed. Today’s sigs are a real pet peeve of mine. Chicken scratch. Maybe they can’t write because of computers and cell phones.

  2. You cleaning your basement ? Keep going—- I enjoy the flash backs!! Have a feeling our Habs may not need too many flash-backs this year—- the boys are gonna “write” their own “history” this year.So again, or still,Dennis,your our link ‘tween yesteryear and this year. Thanks!

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