The Beaverton’s Fun With Georges

Ian Sirota shared another link on Facebook, a piece in the satirical “The Beaverton” about Georges Laraque lacing his political spiel with hockey jargon, and which you can see here – Georges in the Beaverton.

Things like “hoping long hours of practice and hard work will pay off.”
“Have to go out and play solid.” And he threw in some passing, forechecking, and scoring.

Of course it’s all tongue-in-cheek. Good old-fashioned humour. It’s my introduction to the Beaverton, and thanks Ian, it’s pretty darn amusing. I like the one about the 90-year lady who’s decided not to go skydiving this year.

And Georges passing? Forechecking? Scoring? Maybe in a hotel room.

Georges might make a good politician. He’s a talker. And he’s way too mouthy when he shouldn’t be. Like most politicians. He went on about George Parros recently, and the way he blabbed dressing room gossip such as he did about Mike Cammalleri, which you can see right here , was childish and should have stayed in the room where it belonged.

And speaking of Mike Cammalleri, I don’t know if you’ve seen his commercial where he’s working out and is so fast he can stop and sign a kid’s shirt and take a picture, and a guy watching couldn’t see it until the film was slowed down.

Have you seen that? I hate it. And the kid looks like he’d rather be at the dentist.

Here’s a link if you haven’t seen it – Cammy. I think it’s the stupidest thing.

Or maybe this is even stupider – Georges

3 thoughts on “The Beaverton’s Fun With Georges”

  1. Dennis, well done! Does anyone remember Michael Beuadre from Beaverton a great hockey player in the late 1960’s?

  2. I don’t, Don. The best hockey players I ever played against were John McWilliams from Huntsville, Steve Sly from Collingwood, and Gerry Bradbury from Leamington.

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