One thought on “The Beautiful Loco Lacass Hockey Night In Canada Intro”

  1. Dennis,

    The Habs have been fighting game seven type situations for what seems like forever. Every game at the end of the season — when they were fighting for precious points to make the playoff — was like a game seven. Games five and six against Washington were do or die as was game seven itself. Game six against the Pens was also a do or die situation for the Habs.

    They learned to fight for their lives during these key games and heroically found a way to win for each of the above situations – in spite of injuries, the refs, the horrid scheduling. In spite of it all, they have shown a burning desire to win and have become the team that just won’t quit.

    Now they face a team that is not as familiar to such situations. A team that has a sense of entitlement and that made it to the playoffs with relative ease. The league’s darlings are used to having everything handed to them on a silver platter and they almost expected the Cup to be sent to them – giftwrapped. Then we came along…

    The Habs have gone through Hell and back this wild and crazy season and have seen it all. Consequently, they have had their collective mettle tested. The Pens, not so much.

    Fearless prediction – this will be the last NHL hockey game played in the Mellon arena.

    Post-game anouncement from the Mellon P.A. system — “Would a Mister Sidney Crosby please turn out the lights and hand in his keys at the security desk. Thank you and have a good night.”

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