The Art Of Brandy Saturley

Below, examples of the wonderful work of Canadian artist Brandy Saturley.

Canuck Days

Desaturated Cherry

Goalie’s Mask: Red, White, and Dryden. This piece is displayed, along side one of Ken Dryden’s masks, in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, with prints available at Goalie’s Mask. Proceeds go to The Hall.

Death of a Rookie (Rise of a Hero)

Saint Kanata

Keep On Dreamin’ In The Free World

Poppies For Louise

Plante Rises

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Brandy Saturley”

  1. HDS, her whole portfolio is great. I’m posting five more in a few days. She says she wants to expand on the Canadian aspect, and I think she’s a real talent. If you read her bio on her site, she has an in-depth resume.

  2. These are just awesome. I love her sense of humor – The Death of a Rookie is a nice parody of a famous painting.

    Goalie’s Mask is just beautiful. I may have to buy a print.

    My girlfriend was at work this week and some guy who was about 55 asked her what was with all these “red flowers” everyone was wearing. Can you believe it?

    I can see a kid asking that but a 55 year old man? Hello?

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