The Answer To Yesterday’s Quiz Is……….

The answer is Alexander Kharlamov, son of the brilliant and legendary Soviet star Valeri Kharlamov. Bravo to Joe Pelletier for getting this right, even though I continue to pull my hair out and snarl menacingly because I’m not able to notch a shutout in the quiz department.

Alexander was playing for Moscow Red Army when I took this photo outside the Ubleny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg.  He and his team were in the beautiful northern city to play St. Petersburg SKA and I was there, up in the stands, with one eye on hockey and the other on the cheerleaders.  His coach, the legendary Viktor Tikhonov, was also milling about outside at this time after the game as you can see in the other picture below.

Young Kharlamov was only five years old when dad Valeri and mom Irina were killed in a tragic car accident in August of 1981, near Moscow.

Eventually the young fellow would become a decent hockey player, even having his playing rights owned by the Washington Capitals, but he never played a game in the NHL. It was a minor league career, bouncing here to there, from Moscow to Portland to Bakersfield to St. Petersburg, and although people were hoping he would become another great Kharlamov, he never did.

How could anyone become another Valeri Kharlamov, even his son?

You can see Alexander’s stats right here

3 thoughts on “The Answer To Yesterday’s Quiz Is……….”

  1. For me cheerleaders and hockey don’t go together. Although the problem may be that I’ve only experienced them at a 67’s game where the girls look younger than the players.

  2. Christopher, I’ve always found cheerleaders at hockey games to be a little unusual but I see they’re in a few NHL rinks now. I did a post about hockey cheerleaders a couple of years ago and I recall a few people saying they liked the idea. But I’ve always thought it was silly. For me anyways, they belong in football and basketball.

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