9 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Beavis And Buttman”

  1. Marc, that’s my little immature creation. I must have spent a whole 30 minutes drawing those.

  2. Back in the day the Seattle Seahawks were playing the Cleveland Browns at The Kingdome.The Browns were struggling.Two enterprising Cleveland fans had bags over their heads.On one bag was ‘Beavis’.On the other ‘Belichick’ referring to the Browns head coach.The Browns moved to Baltimore.What ever happened to that Browns head coach?

  3. Danno, I found that clip pretty darn interesting. It was neat to see footage of Picasso, especially when he was painting the flowers in the vase.

  4. Ok Dennis – get cracking on some hockey pics.

    Maturity is overrated…and doesn’t apply to me either. I’ve drawn some cartoons that teenagers would think are crass and immature. Oh well, I forgive myself.

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