The Adventure Begins


Except for the basic stuff like couch and chairs and such, everything’s safely in the car or in storage, family members are in our house, and Luci, Gaston, and I are about to drive across the country to Montreal where I’ll begin work for Classic Auctions.

It takes five hours to get down to Vancouver, which means Chilliwack or Hope will probably be the first overnight stop. Then Nelson, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Orillia, and onward to Montreal. We hope and expect to include Niagara Falls and Ottawa in there too.

I love road trips. Always have. And I’ve wanted to show Luci this big old country since we first got together.

This is a huge event in our lives. For me, it’s never too late to take chances and try something completely different. I think it keeps me sort of young.

The one big downside – it seems like I’ve said goodbye to family and friends way too many times in my life. Now I’m doing it again, and it’s put a lump in my throat that won’t go away.

23 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins”

  1. Bonne chance, return safely and with Lord Stanley’s hardware engraved with new Habs names!

  2. This is Luci’s first drive across Canada? She’s going to love it. Drive safely. Watch out for the moose & bear in northern Ontario. Scary shit. Bon chance!

  3. Dennis – If you end up staying in Hope (or passing through) check out “Dutchies Bakery” on 6th Avenue across the street from the bowling centre near the railway tracks. As it is an old style bakery with great Apple Fritters which I discovered when traveling through BC from Vancouver to Golden back in May. You & Luci have fun on your cross Canada road adventure….

  4. Drive safe and take TONS of pics Dennis. I can see a future post or two coming from this. One day I’d love to drive across Canada myself. I’ve been across by train but I’d love to drive it.

    I can’t wait till you hit Quebec – you’ll notice the change in roads immediately!

  5. Thanks Martin. We’ll check it out. Too bad we couldn’t have met when you were on the coast but I know your circumstances made it very busy for you. I’m also wondering why you were in Golden. It’s not near anything. Family there?

  6. Thanks Darth. It’s going to be a great drive. And I’ll see my kids and grandkids very soon, in Nelson and Calgary.

  7. Hi Dennis – My road trip in BC (with my brother) was from Port Alberni were my brothers lived to Vancouver – Port Coutiquim (sp) overnight stay with a friend from Lachine (Montreal) to Sorrento (Salmon Arm) for two & half days with an another Lachine buddy finally on to Golden where my sister & family lives for four days then taking the bus from Banff (where I saw movie director David Cronenberg while waiting for the bus) to Calgary Airport & then home to Toronto (Oakville)…..

  8. The roads & their elevations through the mountain is quite an eye opening drive for an Eastern especially from Hope to Golden/Field. The Coquihalla Highway from Hope to Merritt/Kamloops had a Discovery Network reality series based upon it following the exploits of a towing company based out of Hope & what the owner & his company go through to clear/move vehicles etc to get the highway moving again not to mention the weather & the occasional avalanches….

  9. Happy trails to you and Luci as you head off on your next adventure! Enjoy the scenery – I wish you safe and problem-free travels en route to ‘Shangri-Bell’….

  10. Killer, have a safe trip and I look forward to reading the details of yours and Luci’s excellent adventure. Hope your key to Branch 34 still works!

  11. Have a wonderful and safe drive, Dennis. You will love Montreal, and may the journey there be full of fun adventures!

  12. On the Forum Express they don’t need to worry about how rust never sleeps.

    Termites on the other hand are a different matter 😆

    Bon Voyage to you and Luci!

  13. Thanks Danno. What an adventure we’re beginning. Taking Luci across has been at the top of my list for a long time.

  14. Don, yes, Branch 34. I’d really like to go there. I’ll bet there’s people I know who will be in there playing darts.

  15. Eric, thanks. I’ve always thought it’s never too late to begin another adventure.

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