The Ad Says They’re The Best And So Do I

Yes, they are, the best on ice. Especially in this coming season. I feel it in my bones. The beer is good too.

I recently read some ridiculous diatribe from a guy at Bleacher Report who said Montreal should just blow it all up and start over. I think the writer was only trying to fill in space and possibly has a crystal meth habit.  He has no idea what he’s talking about. The Habs will be a force to be reckoned with, with Alexei Emelin joining a healthy group of blueliners, with P.K. Subban inching even closer to superstardom, with Erik Cole coming in as a proven power forward, and with Carey Price being Carey Price. In fact, all they’re lacking in my judgement is a good, solid stick boy.

The team will be bigger, tougher, and hungrier, with the league’s most dangerous power play, and I feel the guy at Bleacher Report should apologize, or simply erase the name “Montreal Canadiens” wherever it’s written and insert “Toronto Maple Leafs” instead.

Plus, me putting this ad up here is a quick and tremendously lazy way of posting something when all I want to do is lay on the grass, gaze at the blue sky, and dream of winning a lottery. And maybe having one of those ice cold Molsons in a stubby bottle like in the ad.


21 thoughts on “The Ad Says They’re The Best And So Do I”

  1. As a result of all this free product mention, I believe the Molsons should send you a couple of truckloads of free beer.

    Come on Geoff!

  2. And Danno, I believe I should send you a truckload of beer for being one of the few people commenting here during these dog days of summer. As for Geoff – “Hey Geoff, I’m a good stick boy!”

  3. Danno, you have looked apon a few Molsons bottles
    from the “side”, have you.Armadillo… good one,
    Keep lobbying Dennis you WILL be stick boy.

  4. Thanks Marc. I’m going to keep that attitude. “I WILL be stick boy.” Geez, I’ve got the jacket and everything. Plus, I was stick boy once for the Buffalo Bisons in an exhibition game against Rochester, when I was about 15. I was a damn fine stick boy.

  5. Hey Dennis. Just to let you know I’m still out here and read every day. I don’t know how you come up with an angle on a daily basis but props to you for being consistent. You never miss a day.(computer issues aside)
    Can’t believe you let Kovy head to the KHL. Could have had him for peanuts. Nice to know that the media here in Ottawa was partly to blame for his poor seasons with the Sens. Knew their had to be a good reason.
    Enjoy the summer and looking forward to training camp in the fall.

  6. Thanks, JW. I really appreciate you reading. I just carry on through thick and thin and try to do a good job whether it’s a thousand reading it or or two hundred. Kovy could be good but also could be as mediocre as they come, depending on how he felt. Regardless of what he says, he didn’t show up on too many nights for any of his teams. I’m also not a fan of players trashing former teams after they leave. He’s old and should pack it in. And I’ll bet he doesn’t set the world on fire in the KHL.

  7. It’s just sour grapes from a player I thought had a bit more class. Even if some of it is true, it’s better to just suffer in silence than to throw mud around. Notice he didn’t say anything bad about Montreal though. I think Kovalev still misses the Habs and all the adoring fans he had in Montreal.

  8. I have to say that this year I do believe we are really going to surprise a heck of a lot of people. I haven’t felt this vibe with the team in many many years. I honestly believe this year we will pull it off.

    PK will only get better, Markov is back, Georges is back, Pacioretty will want to tear it up, Cole seems like he’s bursting at the seams because he wants to play here so bad, Cammy wants to bring it, etc…heck I’ll even give Gomez the benefit of the doubt and say he might actually turn it around this year (with a lot of help from Pacioretty of course).

    I can’t wait till summer is over. I want hockey back!

  9. Darth, I feel this vibe too. When I read in places where it says the Habs will be mediocre this year, I’m not sure if they’ve actually looked at the team. I tyhink it’s a fine and improved squad and could go places, but they have to be healthy and not miss any key guys next spring. We know what that’s like and we don’t like it. Once again we’re underdogs. Every year we’re underdogs.

  10. Last season we were plagued by injuries and we didn’t do too bad considering. We almost won our series against Boston. I think we could have actually won the Cup last season funny enough (although Tampa would have given us tons of trouble). Of course there are no guarantees in life (other than death, taxes, and roadwork in Montreal) but I really think we could have done it.

    This year we have the team back to full health, new blood in the system…at the very least I can see us being one of the top teams. Why people seem to think we’re about the same is beyond me. Just adding Cole and having our defence back is enough to make us better than last year.

    I hope I’m not wrong but I think this is going to be a big big year for us.

  11. Darth, I feel the same way. We could’ve gone much further last year, and we’ve improved in several areas this year. The Canadiens are never spoken highly of by others, only the fans. One thing – we really need the scorers and point-getters to produce. All of them. No prolongued slumps, no hot and cold. And of course, everyone needs to be healthy. I’m excited, and you and I are on the same page exactly.

  12. Dennis and Darth, we were one player short of beating Boston. That player was Max Pacioretty.Boston won all three overtime games in the series and just one more Montreal goal in any of those games would have meant the Habs would have advanced to the next round. Even die-hard Bruins fans admit the Habs were their toughest competition. It was that close.

  13. One thing driving me nuts this summer waiting for the new season to start is seeing Pacioretty and Cole. Both of them seem to be so gung-ho and impatient to get started already.

    It’s so damn nice to feel so optimistic about this team for once.

    I said this on another site but this time next year I want to be sitting down watching my Blu-Ray copy of the Habs 25th Cup Run.

    Danno – we got screwed in game seven. The moment that linesman tossed Halpern, I knew we were dead. 🙁

  14. I agree Darth. The fix was in. For example: How come the Habs were tossed out of the faceoff circle about 90 per cent of the time? The league definitely tilted things in favour of the bad guys. CHeers!

  15. Max very well would’ve beent the difference, Danno. You’re absolutely right. We had a lot of things stacked against us. What could have been….damn.

  16. Darth and Danno. It’s a great point about Halpern being thrown out. But I must say, I hope Plekanec has worked on his faceoff draws in the off-season. He really was feeble in that regard. I also think a brilliant coach would have had the next best faceoff guy out there in case Halpern got tossed. Instead, the worst faceoff guy was out. When all that led to the goal, I felt sick to my stomach.

  17. Danno, it was tilted all right. And shouldn’t Horton have been suspended at least a game for hassling with fans?

  18. It would have been nice to see Ference suspended for giving the finger to the Bell Centre crowd. Least we’ve never done that to Boston. Oh, but it was an equipment issue. I’m sorry, I should have realized. God I wish someone would have given him a smack for that.

  19. Darth, the Ference thing was as blatant as it’s gonna get. That was ridiculous and he definitely should’ve been suspended. I couldn’t stand to see his face after that.

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