The 2027 Montreal Canadiens First Rounder, His Two Wingers, And The Crusty Old Coach

This is the very first group shot of upcoming star (in two decades) Cameron and his linemates. The highly touted Calgarian weighs in at nine pounds and is an impressive 22 inches long. He’s a power forward/defenceman who shoots left (maybe right), and when not playing, likes to eat, sleep, and poop.


Playing left wing is Jasmyne, at 55 pounds and a lanky four feet tall. The Russians have said that Jasmyne just might be the best all-round player they’ve seen. And at right wing is Delaney, who also shoots left, but just like the Rocket, shoots left but plays on the right side. From the blueline in, nobody’s more dangerous than Delaney.


The crusty old coach is me. The grandpa. These three players love me, unlike many players who don’t love their coach. And of course I love them, unlike many coaches who don’t love their players.


6 thoughts on “The 2027 Montreal Canadiens First Rounder, His Two Wingers, And The Crusty Old Coach”

  1. Great picture!

    Delaney looks like Patrick Roy when he was benched by Coach Trembley…..or do I need instant replay?

  2. If the Habs don’t give your application to be a pre-game, on-ice standard bearer serious consideration, something is wrong Denis. I’d send that photo in to Pierre Boivin. I have a feeling that it could tilt the decision in your favor. Congratulations and all the best, Brian

  3. Dennis,

    His head, like yours, is shaped like a puck only yours is somewhat less symmetric …. hmmm, elbows? sticks? frying pans?

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