That Lingering Issue

Ernie Kane made the backyard rink in Orillia, and I practiced like crazy.

A few years later, when I was playing in an atom/tyke league, I smothered a puck with my knees just like I’d seen Doug Harvey do in a picture, which you can see below. The difference was, Harvey smothered the puck in his end, and I smothered mine in front of the other team’s  net.

I remember a man yelling from the stands, “Hey, wrong end!” and I remember hearing some other parents laughing. It’s stuck with me. Maybe it’s why I still have certain issues.



3 thoughts on “That Lingering Issue”

  1. it’s better to have tried and “failed” than never to have tried. More parents should inform their children of that. So here I am after a LONG “away time” Look forward to your interesting posts Dennis of such amazing interest etc. ,but can’t type fast enuff to write much. Good thing too ’cause I’ve had it with the manegment folks and this lead-footed defence system they try to move forward with. This blog has said it many times in various ways so I need not repeat it here. But I’ve only watched a combined 3 periods of CH hockey this season, This the franchise that rocked The Forum and The Bell from the footings to the rafters in it’s Glory years has plugged the septic tank with incompetent leadership for too many years.!!! BUT , I still enjoy clicking on this site daily!!!!!

  2. Thanks Peter. Great to hear from you and thanks for continuing to read my posts. I hear you loud and clear about the state of this team. I still watch almost every game but my heart isn’t always into recapping another lousy night in a long line of lousy nights. I just wish more of them showed heart like Gallagher. But in today’s hockey, it’s mostly about that six figure paycheque they get every couple of weeks. Again, Peter, I really appreciate you continuing to cone here. Thanks a lot.

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