That Game was Worth At Least 75 Cents.

If I had paid a hundred bucks or so, or more, for a ticket tonight in Minnesota, I’d ask for my money back. Because even though the Canadiens won 2-1, this sad excuse for a game was a combination of sloppy play by the Habs, boring hockey by the Wild, and a never-ending amount of penalties called by the officials.


Imagine taking your new girlfriend on a first date to a game like this? She’d get up and leave with the hot dog vendor.


Montreal still hasn’t got their act together. PJ Stock was right. If they want to be a dominant team in the league, they have to start playing like one. And so far, except for the game against Toronto, they haven’t been good enough.


But at least they keep winning. That says something. But in my book, they haven’t looked great so far.


And if I could say good things about the Minnesota Wild, I could say the front office is laced with ex-1970’s Habs, starting with Doug Risebrough, the Wild’s President and GM, who I delivered milk to in Calgary when he was with the Flames and I was a door-to-door milkman.


Jacques Lemaire, Guy Lafleur’s centreman for most of the seventies, number 25 with the big slap shot, is the head coach and the inventor of boring coaching methods.


Guy Lapointe, one of the big three defencemen in the ’70’s along with Larry Robinson and Serge Savard,is the head of amateur scouting for the Wild. If you’ve read Ken Dryden’s The Game, you’ll know that Lapointe was a heck of a funny guy when he played.


And assistant coach Mario Tremblay. I’m not going to get into that.


I also don’t mind their sweater design. Reminds me of the old Quebec Aces sweater only with the colours reversed. Just plain and simple, with the round crest and laced neck. No fancy-dancy shit here.




Young Habs’ Russian prospect Pavel Valentenko, toiling in the salt mines of Hamilton, asked the Canadiens if he could go home to visit his family. Montreal said yes, then the guy turned around and signed a three year deal with Moscow Dynamo. I suppose he had simply forgot to tell Bob Gainey that his family’s name is Moscow Dynamo.


Steve Downey has been recalled by Philadelphia. After his big scare of being sent down, maybe Downey will now be the next Lady Byng winner. What do you think?


Next up: The team is in Long Island Saturday to take on the New York Islanders. After that, they’ve got five freakin days off before they play the Blue Jackets the following Friday. FIVE FREAKIN DAYS! Stay out of the bars, boys. 





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