Thanks To Those

Today a heartfelt thank you to all, past and present, who have served and fought to protect us and country.

If I had been born in the U.S., just 120 miles south of where I actually was born, I would have come of age, received a draft card, and almost certainly shipped off to Vietnam, which wouldn’t have been good to say the least. It gives me chills thinking about it. So to those who did go and managed to survive and come back, not always in one piece, I say a special thanks for enduring such a horrific experience.

The photo below is of my dad’s drinking cup from when he served in the Canadian army overseas during World War ll.

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  1. Hey Dennis,Let’s just say that we are glad you weren’t born anywhere else but Canada.Thank you for remembering our men and women who played an oustanding role in helping us be who we are.You know, although I am always proud to be from Canada,it’s at times like these that we can be proud to be a Canadian and what that means to people around the world.

  2. DK, well said I think about my Dad at this time & also June 6th. as he stormed Juno Beach at the age of 21. Can’t imagine what it must have been like. Their efforts and sacrifices allowed us to live the lives we’ve had!! Thanks to ALL the Vets & all our young who have served like Derry’s son!!

  3. Seeing that drinking cup now makes sense as our family in our camping gear (60s/70s) there was a similar single enamel cup (which my father used for sipping his Rye) but not chipped as much as the one shown as well as two folding pots in a small matching knapsack which after using Goggle Images I realized was part of my father’s mess kit during WWII……

  4. Well said, Dennis. My thanks goes out to all soldiers who serve(d), as well. Will always remember my grandfathers stories of being in the trenches for 3 years at the young age of 16 during WW1. I hate war but am grateful for all who do the fighting for us.

  5. Joe Turner and Dudley “Red” Garrett.

    Two NHL players who died while fighting in the Second World War (in fact, the only two NHL players to ever die while fighting in a war). Both should be in the hall of fame, especially since it is always around Remembrance Day that new players are inducted. They gave their lives for us. We should always remember them.

    Garrett’s family has a website dedicated to him:

    In total, 369 NHL players fought in a war at some point. Forty-nine of them are in the hall of fame.

    Full list here:

  6. There you go, Beatnik and Danno. More brilliance from politicians and those below them making memos. My dad not only doesn’t use a smart phone (either do I) but he wants no part of answering machines and DVD players.

  7. Well written Dennis.

    Derry, is your son still overseas in Afghanistan?

    Beatnik, Harper has to pay for his F35s somehow. The fighter isn’t stealth, just the way the program makes our money disappear.

  8. Hey Dennis,Christopher… Thanks for asking..Brendan returned last December but has been back east since July,(New Brunswick and Borden).He will return to Edmonton in a few weeks.

  9. Hey Dennis,Ya gotta love Rick Mercer and his sarcastic way of dealing with the bullshit that goes on,a true Canadian he is.

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