6 thoughts on “Thanks To Our Brave Ones”

  1. I second that Dennis. My Dad went over on D-Day and was wounded by a snipers – three bullets, just outside of Caen France, but lived to return home! He went to his grave with one they could not remove. Thanks to all the Vets men & women, I would not be able to have enjoyed the life you all protected for us!!
    Mike W

  2. Hey Dennis,My Pa was stationed in England ,never knew of any of his war stories as he never spoke of that time at all.My son is stationed in Edmonton,dont know when he will be going to Afganistan.I just really hope all will be safe for the rest of our time there.Great game so far,go Habs go.I hope everyone to a minute at 11:11 to rememnber our heroes.

  3. Danno, that is a classy thing he did with the mask. I wonder if that woman who doesn’t like him has seen it.

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