Thanks To Carbo’s Tie And Mr. Black, Some Kids Are Gonna Get A Break

Guy Carbonneau’s lucky tie which eventually ran out of luck against the Philadelphia Flyers last year, sold at the team’s golf tournament for $100,000, two thirds of which will go to the Habs Children Foundation, and the rest to an organization, Formons Une Famille, which helps Quebecers adopt handicapped children from abroad.


The tie was bought by a metal dealer named Herbert Black, who is now my new hero.


Mr. Black is my new hero because he could have done other things with his $100,000. This kind of money would buy 5000 12 packs of beer. It would buy over 11,000 packs of smokes, 4000 bottles of whisky, 10,000 boxes of nice chocolate, 70 pounds of marijuana, and enough gas to drive around for a couple of days.


But instead, he’s helping children. What a good guy.


And he got a nice tie in the deal.



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