Thanks Saku, But We Want The Win

It’ll be an emotional night with a standing ovation that will linger. There will be tears and memories, and Saku Koivu will acknowledge the fans at the Bell Centre as they thank him for all he did as a Montreal Canadien.

But then it’s business at hand and Montreal needs this game.

Thank you, Saku, but like I said, Montreal needs this game.

4 thoughts on “Thanks Saku, But We Want The Win”

  1. Dennis, I have nothing but admiration and respect for Saku Koivu, so please don’t get me wrong here when I say that I hope the Habs kick his and the Anaheim Duck’s arses up and down the ice tonight.

    I have a soft spot for Koivu, like a lot of other Habs fans, but since he’s no longer a member of the Canadiens, I’m having trouble mustering much interest in him anymore. It’s my usual once a guy leaves this team.

    Sorry Saku. Sorry Mad Max Lapierre. But I’m a Habs fan first, and y’all are not Habs and this is not your barn anymore, so go away now. Just leave your two points behind at the door on your way back out.

  2. Tyg, I feel the same. We need the win and Saku is going to try and stop us. That’s the bottom line for tonight’s game. PS. I trashed a comment from someone who threw a pile of F-bombs at us for feeling this way. Must not care if the Habs win or not.

  3. Dennis, not sure when or where it was written on slate tablets borne down from the Mount that not only must one love, admire and respect Koivu in order to be a ‘real’ Habs fan, but one must also cheer for him above the Habs in their own barn.

    I don’t do well with people telling me what to feel or think, which is probably why I have my own website. In return, while I routinely offer up my own thoughts, I do not presume to hand them off to others and tell them to follow along quietly or else.

    Having a difference of opinion is fine and usually status quo in Habs-land. I really don’t see the need for F bombs and personal attacks because of it.

    Koivu is a class act. Pity some of his more ardent admirers and supporters don’t take their cue from him.

  4. Tyg, I actually would have allowed this comment so folks could see what bloggers put up with sometimes, but there was just too much swearing involved – like every second word, in capital letters. I just wonder if this person was happy or sad that the Habs lost the game. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because he is probably quite young with some serious maturing to do. I wasn’t even slamming Saku, I just said we need the win which is the most important thing.

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