Thanks For Nothing, Joe Thornton

Thanks a lot, Joe Thornton.

Thornton and his San Jose Sharks recently played the Rangers, the team Montreal meets on the ice in just a few hours, and Thornton came out and said the Rangers were the softest team he’s played against in the east.

This of course infuriated Rangers’ coach John Tortorella, and it makes me mad too because the Rangers might take a hard look at themselves and decide to prove to everyone that they’re not soft like Thornton said.

So we just might meet a tough Rangers squad tonight. If so, thanks a lot, Thornton. Thanks for nothing.

5 thoughts on “Thanks For Nothing, Joe Thornton”

  1. Hey Dennis, Thorton didnt have to say anything,after the first period I cant believe what is going on.You know Dennis,every time I see tim peel at centre ice ,whether it be Vancouver Montreal,Toronto,I just cringe.This guy is a terrible ref,how does he stay in the league?I’m sorry,5 penalties to none,when there was at least three to be called against the Rangers,hey tim I hope you get your big nose peeled from your body.

  2. Derry, I’m just gong to say I think they deserved some but not all of those calls. In general, I think they were robbed slightly.

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