Thanks But No Thanks

Deep in the bowels of this blog, a thing called Akismet is hard at work blocking spam. In fact, so far it’s kept  almost 800,000 spam ads from seeing the light of day here.

The spam covers a lot of things -magic trick companies and mortgage places and a lot of incredible bullshit, and sometimes there’s a pile of Viagra, penis enlargement, and health cream ads. I’m thankful for their concern and effort, but they can go away now. They should bother somebody who needs it.

When you find a cure for a hangover, then we’ll talk.



7 thoughts on “Thanks But No Thanks”

  1. Some days in my spam folder I’ve gotten ads for both Penis and Breast Enlargement. It’s enough to make one really gender confused isn’t it?

    I can’t stand these sobs. I’ve gotten thousands over the last ten years and they’re irritating as hell. The scams from Nigeria are hard to take as well.

    I did get an interesting one once where I was told I was going to be condemned to hell due to my sins. That was a nice change of pace.

    There are tons of phishing scams now though. You also need to beware the “anti-virus” one. That gets on your system you will loaded with malware and it’s a bitch and a half to get rid of.

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