Filling Up A Spare Room With Stuff Moths Want To Get At.


There’s probably a real good reason why I like and collect this old stuff. Probably has something to do with my inner child.

I’ve got a room full. I especially like finding old Habs sweaters from the 40’s and ’50’s, I’ve got about 12 of them, and I continue the hunt for ones from before that, from the 20’s and ’30’s. They’re out there, I know that. I just can’t find them.

 Habs in Tampa Bay Tuesday to play Vinny Lecavalier and his Tampa Bay Lightning, (or is he a Montreal Canadien now?)  finally, after this long break, and then down the road and across to the other side to play the Panthers.

Four big points. I’m pretty sure about this.

5 thoughts on “Filling Up A Spare Room With Stuff Moths Want To Get At.”

  1. Dennis, I might be late on this (haven’t tuned in in a few days) but what’s up with the new looks? Did you not like how it was before…?

  2. Hi James. I always liked the old look but I thought it needed to be freshened up, and I also wanted some red in it which I wasn’t able to do with the other. Hope you like it.

  3. DK, There just seems too many hoops to jump through to post. Will get used to it but prefered the the previous site !!
    By the way have now watched 6 of the DVD disc’s Diana bought for me,Great stuff. A keeper for any Canadiens fan,& oh to hear Danny do the play by play,music to my ears !! As I mentioned on an earlier post they also had a box set of Canuck’s memorable games,it was sealed but empty!!( Whats up with that–He-He ) The box set I’m refering to is memorale Canadiens Games & can be purchased at Chapter’s Books get it you won’t regret it !!!
    Cheers from the East !!!!

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