Thank Goodness Don Cherry Isn’t Coaching PK Subban

On Hockey Night in Canada’s post game show last night, Don Cherry said PK Subban had it coming when Mike Comrie cut him in the face, because PK doesn’t show enough respect to the Sidney Crosby’s and Evgeny Malkin’s of the league.

Don’s always right. He’ll tell you if you ask. He’ll tell you if you don’t ask. Yes, PK should show more respect. When Crosby and others of this supreme royalty have the puck, PK should back off, bow, say excuse me, ask if he can help in any way, and let said player blow by because said player has been in the league a couple more years longer than young and brash Subban.

Yes, Don’s right. PK should change his style completely to show more respect. His career will last about a year and half and be buried so far down in the minors we’ll need a search warrant to locate him. 

In the meantime, maybe Don should show more respect for PK, even though he’s about 80 years older than him. PK is going to have a major NHL playing career, something Don couldn’t have.

Cherry’s been right about a couple of players, like Sean Avery and Dan Carcillo, two guys who cross the line and show no respect. But Subban isn’t Avery or Carcillo. He’s a young stud with stardom on the horizon, and he needs to play the way he plays.

Don should know that. He knows everything, doesn’t he?

Here’s Don being the smartest man in the world, dug up by Danno. Don Cherry talks too much. His PK theory begins in the second minute

12 thoughts on “Thank Goodness Don Cherry Isn’t Coaching PK Subban”

  1. Actually it was the post-game segment, but no worries. My question is, did McLean actually have a worse looking jacket Saturday night>

  2. I agree, Danno. But our power play has to get going and we have to be healthy. Now we see that Price has it in him it’s a great feeling – for him and us. That name thing by Cherry about PK is idiotic. Is “PK” too complicated for him to get right?

  3. Dennis, take a look at the photo of PK and the visor he wears. The thing fits very closely to his face as you can see.

    There’s no way a stick ends up under there unless you want it to go there and cause some damage.

    Consequently I find Comrie’s excuse that the whole thing was just “an accident” a bit hard to swallow.

    Comrie’s stick cut a gash above PK’s left eye and came very close to being a career-ending injury for him.

    For Don Cherry to suggest PK had it coming to him or deserved it in some way is just plain sick.

    Comrie was skating behind PK so why was his stick up in PK’s face?There’s no way his stick should have come up unless Comrie’s intent was to injure PK…

    Here’s the play for anyone who missed it.

  4. Don’s right a couple times a day, just like a broken clock.
    He was right that Price should have been the first star and that the fans in the forum need to ease up on him.

  5. I agree, Danno. This happened after he’d pissed off Crosby a couple of times and I think the Pens decided to give him a message. But way too dangerous. Accident? I don’t believe it. And when he went off the ice after it happened, holding his face, I had flashbacks of when Koivu got the eye thing. I was so thankful when PK showed up to begin the next period.

  6. My assumption was that the Pens and their fans are holding PK and his skate responsible for Jordon Staal’s ongoing foot infection.

  7. Cherry (or it is Cherie?) makes me sick. You would think he’s senile with the things he says. He’s been on CBC too long. IMO, the refs ‘respect’ or ‘kiss Sydney’s ass’ too much. One can’t breathe on ‘him’ without ending up in the penalty box. I hate this kind of hockey where these types of ‘guys’ have to be protected. Cherry should learn how to read or better yet, learn how to listen. How hard is it to pronounce ‘PK?’ Idiot.

  8. I got a kick out of reading this post. I couldnt agree more Dennis. As much of a hockey icon Don Cherry is, i think its time for him to keep his senseless opinions to himself.

  9. Mayo, reining in PK as Cherry suggests would be the worst thing they could do to the young guy. And I’m with you about this extra respect thing. Crosby’s a great player, maybe the best in the league, but the respect they was shown Jean Beliveau and these types doesn’t come until much later. Crosby’s only a few years older than PK so it’s ridiculous.

  10. Jordy, Imagine telling PK to cool it. And without comparing PK to Bobby Orr, I’m sure the Bruins didn’t try to rein in Orr. It’s PK’s game to play a certain way and it doesn’t need to change. He’s going to be a beauty and that’s all Cherry should be talking about.

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