Tex Coulter: The Norman Rockwell of Hockey Artists

This print was painted by a fellow named Tex Coulter. He always signed his works simply as “Tex’ and much of his art was found in Maple Leaf Gardens calendars and on the covers of Hockey Pictorial and Blueline magazine in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. This piece on Jacques Plante and Tom Johnson is from a 1959-60 Gardens calendar.


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  1. I have a vinyl 45rpm record with a picture sleeve of Toronto Maple Leaf star Dick Duff that says ‘Painting of Dickie Duff by Tex Coulter.’ The stats on the back of the sleeve end in the 1959-60 season. This looks like it was probably a ‘series’ of interviews by Ed Fitkin, but I have never seen any other records/sleeves from this series. Anybody know about them? Was Tex the artist on any others?

  2. Hi Fred, thanks for that. All I know about Leafs’ records was that there was a series and I can picture in mind the covers but I think they came later, like about 1967. So the ones you describe are very intriguing, especially if Tex Coulter did the artwork. I’m going to keep this in mind and see what I can find. Hopefully someone else will know. Thanks again.

  3. My father and “Tex” Coulter were good friends. I am interested in Tex’s works. Could you give me an idea how many “works” Ted may have done, svp?

  4. Stephen, I don’t know how many Tex made but I do know that through much of the late 1950’s and early 60’s, Tex’ art graced the covers of Hockey Pictorial, and that’s a lot of artwork. So he must have been been a busy man, and he was just excellent.

  5. Stephan,

    Tex was my father in law and from 1967 and up I saw all of the paintings he did. My family has many of them and he was indeed profilic.

    Gavin McKinlay

  6. Gavin

    Thank you kindly for your info. I have a portrait of my father (done by Tex), circa 1962 – Montreal. I think it is one Tex’s finest pieces. Please keep in touch as I am interested in Tex’s works, especially from my own artistic perspective. I am also interested in Tex’s connection to my father (i.e. the
    Montreal Alouettes, Loyola College Warriors Football, University sports in Canada/Army/Texas, coaching and ART).

    At your convenience

    Stephen Kennedy

  7. Hi:
    I just came across several Tex Coulter prints.
    On the bottom it states “made for Electrohome.”
    Can you make any comment regarding these? I can’t find anything on the net.


  8. Hi Jim, are they hockey prints? I don’t really know what it would mean. If I recall, Electrohome was some sort of household appliances company or something to that effect. I’m curious what the prints are of and whether they’re household appliance-related.

  9. Hi:
    One print has #23 & #34
    Another #25 & ? maybe 68
    Sorry, I can not identify the uniforms.
    They are in a green folder with his biography printed on it.

  10. Sounds to me like original prints used for Electrohome magazine ads. They actually appear to be very unique and you may have something very special on your hands.

  11. I have just found these prints listed on Ebay Canada.
    Electrohome as a company does not exist and their files are in a library in Waterloo.
    If you wish to see the prints and folder:
    search “vintage cfl tex coulter electrohome canadian football”

  12. Thanks Jim. Saw them. It’s kind of what I thought, used for Electrohome promos of some sort. Electrohome was quite a household name when I was growing up.

  13. I have an orignal painting Tex did of myself. I played for Montreal Football. Wondering if there is a monitary value to it. It might be the last one Tex did not sure.

  14. Hi Glen. I have no idea what your painting would be worth but I’m willing to bet it’s pretty valuable. You’re lucky to have this.

  15. Hi Gavin:

    I admire the works of your father in law from an artistic perspective, as I also paint images from that era. Is there a catalogue of his work in existence? His style is a great inspiration. Beautiful use of colour and his portraiture excels.

    Thank you


  16. I met Tex in 1997, my first year as the artist for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Tex was being inducted that year and we became close friends. Turned out he lived 5 minutes from me. We saw each other a couple of times a week. He did several more paintings for me and my friends. Great guy. And I miss him.

  17. His style was simple but precise and made the subjects come alive. He was a great portrait artist.

    It would be great to see all of his collective works.

  18. Iam proud of having a Tex painting in my sports room. Iknew Tex in the 70s when he help coach the Alouettes great guy.

  19. I have an original Tex oil painting of Gordie Howe which I obtained 50 years ago. How would I obtain its monetary value?

  20. Classic Auctions in Delson Que would be the one. Frank or Marc would give you an idea of its value.

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