Terrible In Toronto

That sound you hear is the sound of me grinding my teeth.

The Canadiens, playing as if they’d just heard that their wives had run off with the milkman, took it on the chin in Toronto, losing 3-1 to an inferior team who on this night looked superior.

Why do the Canadiens do this to us? Not to mention themselves? They didn’t play well, which is an understatement to end all understatements, and it’s now two straight losses with both Philadelphia and Boston coming up next?

Meanwhile, where was an angry Hab, any angry Hab, to make Toronto’s Clarke MacArthur pay for his mugging of Jaroslav Spacek for what seemed to be no real reason, and which led to some sort of injury to Spacek?

Spacek’s not a fighter, and MacArthur should have paid for his sins, if not at that time but sometime later on in the game. And to make matters worse, both players went off for roughing. Equal penalties for inequality, and an injury to boot.

The boys were a sad bunch tonight, and I’m not buying the theory that they were tired from playing in Detroit the night before. These are young physical specimens playing twenty minutes a game. Detroit and Toronto aren’t far apart mileage-wise so the travel was minimal, and Montreal only played one period in Detroit anyway. They should have come out breathing fire and showed Torontonians and the rest of the country what a formidable bunch they are. But they were anything but, and fell back to earth with a deafening thud.  

Now the Habs get four days off . Surely they could have given the proverbial 110% on this big night in Toronto when it was the showcase game.

Did they think the two points would be handed to them?  

The teeth-grinding continues.

Random Notes:

Mike Cammalleri was Montreal’s lone marksman.

Some folks who bothered got to see a lousy performance by the Canadiens in 3-D splendour. I didn’t bother. Did I need special glasses?

Alex Auld was in nets and looked shaky on Toronto’s two goals in the first period.

Scott Gomez sat out his second game with a lower body injury but he’s skating and such, so hopefully he’s back for next game. We need all hands on deck.  

Shots on goal – 24-23 for the Leafs. Grrrr.

Next up – Philadelphia pays a visit on Wednesday. Maybe the Habs will finally be rested by then.

20 thoughts on “Terrible In Toronto”

  1. Dennis, the game was broadcast in 3S not 3D — Stink, stank, stunk.

    And I don’t know how you manage to drag yourself over to the computer and work your tired fingers over the keyboard after such an awful game like that. Hats off to you for a great analysis of a crappy game.

    Friday’s game against the Wings was the best one we lost, but this one goes down as a shameful loss. And if they keep this up there’ll be waffles being flung like frisbees at the the Habs when they return to the Bell Centre to face the Flyers and Bruins this week.

    Give yourself the quote of the day Dennis…

    “The Canadiens, playing as if they’d just heard that their wives had run off with the milkman, took it on the chin in Toronto, losing 3-1 to an inferior team who on this night looked superior.”

    And if the Habs continue to play so lackadaisically I wouldn’t blame their wives one bit for running off with the milkman, the postman or the dog catcher for that matter.

  2. A little quiz Dennis.

    Guess who said the following…

    “It’s not an easy pill to swallow…But I can’t beat myself up. It takes time. The game feels really fast, too fast. They’re going 100 miles an hour and it’s like my feet are in cement.”

    For the answer read Pat Hickey’s article from the Montreal Gazette:


    I don’t like this one bit.

  3. Danno, that’s one of our worst fears – PK losing his confidence. I suppose it takes time to get it back after being sat for three games, so let’s just hope it comes back quickly. It better or Jacques Martin is going to hear about it on these pages for months to come.

  4. I’m lucky that I didn’t watch this game, I watched UFC 124 instead. But you can’t accuse me of being a bad fan!! I’ve been hyping about it for the past 2 months.
    But there’s no excuses when you lose against the Laffs. No excuses whatsoever. I thought Alex Auld was doing solidly as a back up. and now he pulls fast one on all of us.

  5. Phil you’re so lucky you didn’t see this piece of shit. It was terrible. And Subban is now saying he’s lost his confidence and it feels like he’s skating in cement. Those three games better not have done a number on PK or a bunch of us are going to be extremely upset with Jacques Martin.

  6. Hey Phil. It’s maddening for sure, but I wouldn’t put all the blame on Auld even if he looked weak on that second goal. Let’s face it. We only got one goal. How many games are won by teams that can only score one bloody goal a game?

  7. Hey Dennis, I hope that this is just something that passes like ,like a beer poop on a sunday morning.I remember saying that a young player could lose his confidence by sitting to much,but P.K. shouldnt be broadcasting anything that even suggests this.I said that he should be playing after sitting two,not three games.I will admit to his being cocky though,but he is young and that sometimes takes place,I hope that ,for the Habs sake,he can come out of this with flying colors.

  8. Derry – two things I like about your comment – that he comes out of this with flying colours, and your first sentence about beer and such. I don’t know – is this Quote of the day” material?

  9. Hey Dennis, I think that is up to you as to the qod,I dont write things with the intention of winning this prestigous award.I just say things as they come into my head.If you think that this may be offensive to some,maybe ask them to donate there offense to the Habs ,so they can score more goals in their games.

  10. Hey Dennis,Sorry but I thought your qotd was very good ,nice to see you are able to participate in this contest.

  11. Derry, your quote is too good, so on it goes. Quote of the day. Shakespeare couldn’t have said it any better.

  12. Hey Dennis,I feel honored my good man,my name on the marquee. I am going to need that number and website you sent to me for winning that contest earlier this year,I lost it all when my computer went for a sh..poop.I lost everything except for my pics and a few other things.

  13. that was this year waas it not,my computer went for a shit and I lost all my emailds,which wsa wheere the info for this was,sorry buddy,if you dont have it not to worry about it.I couldn’t decide what I wanted,I did by the Hab ring from the bradford exchange though.

  14. Derry, I’m going to check back to all my emails and see if I can find it. I don’t know if it’s too late or not.

  15. Hey Dennis,Thanks ,but like I said it isnt a major thing,I should have ordered something earlier but being the procastinator that I can be ,I didnt.I’m getting ready to head to the hottub,it’s 1 degree here,the warmest it’s been for a month, -18 last nite. Have a good nite.

  16. I thought Auld’s first goal was worse than his second. But except for those 2 mistakes he did play well and kept us in the game.

    Once again the refereeing didn’t help. Besides Spacek’s penalty, I didn’t understand Halpern’s second. He steps out of the penalty box, reaches for the puck and a clumsy Leaf runs into him. WTF, how is that interference?

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