Ten Years Ago

Yesterday I celebrated a bit of an anniversary. Ten years at BC Ferries. Ten years is the magic mark there and it’s been my target for…uh…ten years.

Only one other time have I worked ten years at a job. Driving semis for National Grocers in Ottawa. Other than that it’s been four or five here and there over a long stretch, including other semi driving jobs, assembling toilet doors, framing Gulf Oil signs, milkman, shipper and receiver several times, mill worker, labourer, highway worker, pub owner, produce picker, bartender many times, warehouseman, furniture deliverer, hole digger, nail hitter, and weekly newspaper columnist for a couple of different papers.

Ten years ago…..wow, how time flies.



4 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago”

  1. Well DK, you took me back 43years & as I played each one of those tunes it only seemed like yesterday with my hair blowing in the wind, you & our group were all free spirits!! Thanks for the flashback to a simpler time in our lives.
    Cheers Buddy

  2. Mike, I know you’ve always loved The Band and so have I. Long Black Veil is such a soulful and beautiful tune.

  3. I would so love to work on a Ferry. You have no idea. My work record is pretty boring – 5 years at the YMCA (a job from hell believe me) and over 10 years in daycare (another job from hell). Ugh. I wish I had more jobs like you did. It sounds more exciting. May not have felt that way sometimes but at least you had more excitement.

  4. Darth, it’s true, it wasn’t boring. But it was a struggle sometimes. I see mill workers here in Powell River who retired after 35 or 40 years, and sometimes I think how nice it would have been to have a job with a big pension, and they’ve had their house paid off for years amd have a boat and all that. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to sit still for that that long. It’s not in my blood. I’ve had itchy feet all my life.

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