6 thoughts on “Team Photo Shows The Boys Ready To Rumble”

  1. Dennis, thanks for the end of summer roadtrip…I quite enjoyed it.
    The closest that I’ve come to a Habs tattoo is…a bumper sticker ahead of me in traffic, but it was definetly your logo.
    I must just quickly say…my starting line-up looks waaaaaay better than yours. Just saying…

  2. Dennis, those boys look like Marlon Brando and the gang from the Wild Ones; but with hockey sweaters instead of leather jackets and and skates instead of motorcycles.
    Same crazy look in their eyes.
    Cool and dangerous looking.

  3. They do look great Dennis.
    It’s the pride of wearing the CH that gives them that bad-ass swagger. It’s a magical thing.

  4. Hockey equipment was a sweater and a pair of skates. Leather jackets would provide more padding than what they had under those light sweaters. No need for a suit of armour.

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