Team Canada To Face Halak

With Slovakia knocking off Sweden, it means Habs fan get to see Jaroslav Halak man the pipes against Team Canada. We want Jaro to play well, but we also want the rest of his team, which includes Boston’s Zdeno Charo, to play poorly.

But it really doesn’t matter how well Jaro and Slovakia plays. It won’t be good enough to take out the Canadians.

Team Canada against Slovakia – Friday.

9 thoughts on “Team Canada To Face Halak”

  1. Hey Dennis, I can see that your Halak was definetly “the man ” last night. But…and I can agree with you once again, he won’t be good enough to take out our stellar Canadians tommorrow. Then I suppose US will take the Finns. The extra game we have had to play is what we needed to become this force to be reckoned with, a true Canadian force, strong and free… from far and wide……..Go Canada Go!!!!!!

  2. Hey Dennis;Jaro Halak is a phenominal goaltender ,he will do good with the Habs, but holy shit he will be tough to score against.I think our guys will just keep firing the pucks like they were doing yesterday and come out on top.Jan ,I think that the u.s. will have trouble with the Finns,I ‘m thinking that they will lose to them acually.Canada ,Finland final.There is a hockey game.

  3. Dennis, don’t get me wrong, I want Canada to win, but I hope Jaro plays well too. And I wouldn’t underestimate Slovakia’s chances if he plays an exceptional match. I fully expect him to stand on his head in fact because he is hot and hungry to be recognized as a #1 starting goalie in the NHL. Millions will be watching and it could be his moment to play a defining match for both his country and his future career aspirations. Stay tuned…

  4. It really could be his moment, Danno. I hope he plays well too. I just hope Canada wins, of course. You’re right, this could be really big for Halak.

  5. The Finns are said to be as close to Canadian hockey players in mentality as anyone. They’re tough and don’t mind physical play. I’m just hoping I’m not called to work in the next few days.

  6. Jan, Canada played great. There was no team in the tournament that was going to stop them last night. They just ned to keep it going and they’ll taste gold.

  7. I wish Jaro a good game (4 goals on 45 shots seems fair), but this is the one time I don’t want him to have a great one. This is no time for him to have another 40+ save shutout. He should save his best for next week when he will meet Chara and the Bruins.

  8. This really could the game that decides Jaro’s fate with the Habs.

    It only depends how Pierre Gauthier think about it
    “Jaro played amazing in the Olympics, so I should trade him before his value decreases”
    “Jaro played too well in the Olympics to be traded.”

    But if he plays bad.
    “Hes playing bad better trade him before his value decreases”
    “His value is already too low, just keep him.”

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