Team Canada Makes Swiss Swoon And Papas Proud

The Canadians continue to steamroll along after two games, totaling 22 goals to zip against Latvia and Switzerland, but we all know it’s going to get much tougher soon enough with Slovakia and then the Americans on deck, and with the other big guys like the Russians and Swedes all chomping at the bit to meet the young Canadian studs in the final for the whole enchilada.

It’s a beautiful thing and I’d like to say here and now just how jealous I am of their dads. To have a son who can play like these kids is like a miracle, and we also know these youngsters are all fine gentleman and probably honour students as well. Almost the exact opposite of me when I was 19 or 20.

The dads are proud and they’d better be. If they weren’t, I’d have no idea why not.

It is curious though, that when the cameras pan out into the crowd and show moms and dads of players, they don’t have mile-wide, proud-as-punch grins on their faces. I suppose they’re nervous, hoping their kid will do well and doesn’t get hurt and all that, but I also suppose these parents are used to having a star player in the household. A kid who’s already been in the newspaper a thousand times and been interviewed till the cows come home, all the while forgetting to pick up his socks, tormenting his sister, and passing gas at the dinner table.

They’ve seen their kids give out autographs and are swarmed after games by fans. They watch as teenybopper girls nearly faint in their son’s presence. They sit down with agents and NHL general managers and everyone tells them just how special their boy is.

So in many ways, the novelty of having a kid who plays hockey like a seasoned NHL’er has probably worn off somewhat.

It goes without saying that I would’ve liked this feeling. My son was pretty good, but nothing like these guys who are now on the world stage. What was it dad, extra Brussel sprouts when junior was growing up? Whatever it was, you and the little lady did something right.

I just wish you’d look prouder in the stands. Like me if my boy was there.

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