Tales From A Small Town

My wife and I were sitting in a Powell River pub last week and before you know it, the place, which isn’t small, became packed because people had just come from the junior hockey game played in town that night. Everyone had drinks on their tables and the servers were running around like crazy.

Suddenly, the fire alarm went and we all had to wait outside while the firefighters cased the building looking for the problem. We stood outside or in the hotel lobby for almost an hour.

Finally, we were cleared to go back in to the bar and there were only a couple of tables of people left because everyone else had decided to go elsewhere after waiting so long.

This story isn’t all that interesting except  that everybody had walked out on their bills.

2 thoughts on “Tales From A Small Town”

  1. Hey, Powell River people are cool, have you been giving them lessons learned as one of “THE BOYS”!! Whats yours is ours & whats ours is ours, good going DK!!
    Cheers from the EAST!!!

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