Taking The Russians To A Game

I managed to see the first period of the Habs/Capitals game and it was 2-1 Caps when it was time to leave the Shark Club in Vancouver and take our Russians, Denis and Natasha, to Rogers Arena to see the obnoxious Canucks beat the Calgary Cammalleri’s 3-2 in overtime, thus eliminating the Cammalleri’s.

It was close, though, with the Canucks scoring with about a minute left in overtime. I think I said damn or something to that effect when it happened.

But I know how the Habs made out, a 3-2 shootout loss, although it took me awhile to find out as there’s no out of town scores shown at Rogers Arena except for the few times they showed it on the big screen. It took me halfway through the third period before I knew that the Canadiens had grabbed themselves another of those points we don’t want or need.

Is this the way all rinks do it now? I remember the days when the out of town scores were a fixture on the wall to keep track of. Now you can’t even go for a piss without missing it.

There were also some differences between two weeks ago when I saw the Habs in Vancouver, and tonight with the Flames:

Two weeks ago, the Shark Club, across the street from the rink, was jam-packed with good folks wearing Habs jerseys. Habs jerseys as far as the eye could see. It was magnificent. And not just at the Shark Club but on the street and inside Rogers. Tonight, the Shark Club was jam-packed with people sporting Canucks jerseys, with just the odd sighting of a Flames fan. What, are planes on strike in Calgary? Is there a mountain blockade?

At the rink two weeks ago, Canucks fans seemed respectful and orderly. Saturday with the Flames in town, it was like it was a full moon. People threatening others and jostling about. Maybe it was because the Canucks and Flames are in the same division, but aggression filled the air.

Mike Cammalleri scored a goal to tie the game at two, and was given second star on the night. And another ex-Hab, Maxim Lapierre, was voted third star. The game was interesting and loud, but because I have no emotional attachment, it became a much different night than when the Canadiens were in town. I just wanted to see some good fights, and I wanted an exciting game for Denis and Natasha.

The game was loud and exciting, and the Russians are a happy couple. Denis has been hankering to see an NHL game for the majority of his 33 years, and he wasn’t disappointed. And we sat 14 rows up in the corner so the view was fine.

More and more I find myself disliking the Canucks. I can’t put a handle on it, but this is a team I want to see lose. Even if I do live just up the coast. I can’t wait for the day when they fizzle out in the playoffs.

Random Notes:

The 50/50 draw took in $104,000, so some lucky bastard or bastarette walked out of Rogers with 52,000 clams. Wasn’t me, that’s all I know.

Denis got his picture taken with retired Canuck Stan Smyl.



4 thoughts on “Taking The Russians To A Game”

  1. I don’t share your disdain for the “West Coast Canadiens” Dennis. Maybe it comes from years ago when so many habs cast-offs ended up in Vancouver. But for the last while they have been a good team that plays an exciting game with speed and skill. Hmmm… who does that sound like? Oh yeah the way Mtl used to play. Also they offer the best chance of keeping the cup in Canada and for that I will cheer for any Canadian team. Well maybe not the leafs but I don’t see that ever happening.

  2. I don’t know what is happening with the scores now. Last season at the Bell they would show highlights on the jumbotron during the second intermission but they didn’t this year at all (least at the games I went to). It seems odd. I guess they didn’t want us to know how good everyone else and his brother were doing compared to us. Don’t know what the excuse is about Vancouver though.

    I don’t care much for the Canucks either I have to admit. A lot of it has to do with the way they played against Boston last year.

    We actually didn’t play half bad last night (after we got out motor running) and Budaj looked really pissed that we lost. The guy did well but we let him down.

    One thing I don’t get is Randy had Palushaj marked for one of the guys to do the shootout. Must be he felt we all needed the laugh.

  3. Dennis, here it’s easy to cheer for the Canucks as a fallback choice. No obnoxious Canuck fans here, no die-hard Canuck fans at all. Just a bunch of Hab/Leaf/Sen fans united in the common desire to keep the Cup in Canada.
    Naturally there are many Sen fans here in Ottawa, but they’re generally humble for many reasons. Most exHab/exLeaf fans, never won anything and arena being an hour out of town. It will be easy to cheer with them in the first round over the Bruins.

  4. Dishonest John, I’m one of the weird ones. I’ve never ever gone by the cheering for a Canadian team, even though I’m Canadian. I don’t know why, exactly, that I think like this. After the Habs aren’t in it, none of it makes any difference to me. They all suck.

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