Taking Care Of Crosby Is Three Quarters Of The Battle

When you look at the Pittsburgh-Montreal comparisons, you see similarities even though the Penguins sit in 4th place in the east with 71 points while Montreal has just scraped into 6th with a measly 60 points. In fact, looking at the numbers below you see that’s it’s Sid the Kid who makes the real difference, as we saw last Monday when Crosby took care of the Buffalo Sabres almost single-handedly.

The bummer for Habs fans is, you also see Mike Cammalleri, now on the shelf for six weeks or so, with the big numbers, and the only points he’ll be making for the next little while might be with a couple of nurses

But what it also means is the league has parity in many ways, that the top teams aren’t up in the clouds, eight miles high, while the lower teams sit in purgatory half-way to China. It just isn’t the case. Except for the Leafs.

And regardless of Pittsburgh sitting above, it shows that they can be had. So Habs, make it three straight. Ground those flightless birds. And grinders, stop the Kid and help pick up the slack for Cammalleri. Is that asking too much?

Crosby (37) Cammalleri (26)  
Malkin (10) Metropolit (7)
Malkin (38) Plekanec (41)  
Staal (2) Moen (2)
Crosby (71) Plekanec (55)  
Fleury (28-15-1) Halak (16-8-2)
Rupp (73) Gill (53)  
Fleury (2.59) Halak (2.40)
Staal (+13) Cammalleri (+10)  
Johnson (.913) Halak (.930)

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