Take A Break From The Madness And Watch Something Wild!

Jaromir Jagr’s been reported to have signed with the Russian club Avangard Omsk of the new Continental Hockey League, and the list gets smaller.


The Continental Hockey League will begin play in September, and consists of 24 teams, 20 of which are from the Russian Super League, plus one lower-tier Russian club, plus teams from Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Latvia. The plan is to also land teams from Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic etc down the road, and be a major rival of the NHL.


So  that’s where Jagr is going, if the reports are true, and anyway, I’m not sure he would’ve been a good fit in Montreal. He’s just a shell of his former self. And anyone called Yammy and not Rocket, le gros Bill, or le Demon Blond, probably doesn’t belong in a cherished Montreal Canadiens uniform anyway. These uniforms are reserved for players NOT called Yammy.


This free agent madness has been going on for days now, and I’m sure you’re as tired as me about all the nonsense of overspending, speculation, Mats Sundin, Marian Hossa, waiving no-trade clauses, blah, blah, blah.


You need a break. So just click on this gem sent to me by Mike, and allow a lttle amazement into your life. If you don’t speak french, don’t fret, the talking only lasts a few seconds. Then the real action begins. Enjoy today, enjoy a break, enjoy some pool.            dominoespool

One thought on “Take A Break From The Madness And Watch Something Wild!”

  1. DK,

    Au revoir, Yammi! It was nice not knowing you.

    I have seen that domino/pool video before. The species, i.e. homo sapiens sapiens, never ceases to amaze me. Is there anything that we won’t/can’t do? Occasionally I find myself in a mall and invariably I’m overwhelmed, much more so than when I’m, say, at an art exhibition where you can hone in on a couple of works and blank out ther rest, not only by the sheer number and variety of the things that we make but the by idea of all the things we make in order to make, well, all the things that we make. Yup, we are something to wonder at, certainly more so than the things that we make. Hehe, I mean, is there truly a reason for the existence of la P? A rational explanation for why she does what she does? And Lawrence? Why is baffing him – or, the idea of him – around like a leetle catneep mouse so much fun? Could it simply be that we are defined by and chiefly motivated by the desire/need for pleasure? But, if so, why does Gaston continue to endure the slings and arrows that DK showers on him? Is he a masochist? Does he get plearure from pain and suffering? Is this why la P is a punkette? Why Lawrence has not yet given the big kiss-off to a cruel and indifferent world? Anybody know?

    p.s. I have decided to start a fund up to `Sauver Gaston (du gros mechant, DK)’ so send me your spare change and loose bills – it’s gonna cost a lot to pry him free of DK’s sadistic clutches. If you listen closely you can hear his silent whimpers, anguished sub vocal pleas for salvation. Alors, des maintenent le bal est parti, ‘Vivre Gaston! Vivre Gaston libre!

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