Taiwanese Please

Thank you to Danno for sending the following video along. Or if I were Taiwanese, I might say “doo hsia Danno”

The Taiwanese, of course, have always been huge hockey fans, and we read and marvel about the exploits of legendary players such as Tim “the Taiwanese Terror” Huong, and Rocket Rudy Zhang Wei.

Gary Bettman himself has expressed a desire to to have an NHL franchise in Taipei and we can only hope that this eventually comes to pass. Hockey should be played in hockey-mad areas and not such ridiculous non-hockey markets like Quebec and Southern Ontario.

Brad Marchand is Taiwanese, originally named Wee Wang Hooge Noze, but for whatever reason changed it to Brad Marchand when he moved to the Maritimes.

4 thoughts on “Taiwanese Please”

  1. I love that Brad comment…but I’m a Marchand fan. I admit it. I’m sorry.

    Every once in a while you just have to love the villain and he fits the bill.

    I’ll show myself out…

  2. Darth, don’t forget – he’s tried to take out a few Habs knees along the way. So as much as he’s an effective guy on the Bruins, in my book, as a Habs fan, he’s a villain. He also had his tattoo misspelled and had to have it corrected, which is perfect. Plus – he’s a Bruin.

  3. I didn’t remember that. Damn. I think the lack of hockey is playing with my mind. I need to be reminded as to why the hate is there. If this lockout goes on any longer I’ll probably start buying “Bettman is the Best” t-shirts or something.

    See what the NHL has reduced me to?

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