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World Juniors Gearing Up

Saw the second and third periods of the Canada-Sweden pre-tournament game today (Sunday).

Canada was outmatched, losing 3-0, so it means they have to work on a couple of things, tweak a bit, and improve a fair amount as the days go on. Sweden looks good and I wonder how the other nations stack up.

Next year the tourney will be co-hosted by Montreal and Toronto. How great is that!

My son and I were at a World Junior game once, on Dec. 30, 1994 in Calgary when Canada came back late in the game to beat the Czech Republic 7-5.

It was a magical experience, even though I was in the midst of a marriage breakup at the time. A full and noisy Saddledome.  Wonderful hockey ending in dramatic fashion. And we had great seats because I ordered them as soon as they went on sale.

Somehow I think getting tickets in Montreal or Toronto for next year’s tourney won’t be so easy.