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Cole Palmer’s Cool Cartoons

Hockey artist Cole Palmer has sent over his latest creation, which deals with the dastardly Brad Marchand and his three-game suspension for his lowdown takeout of Ottawa’s Mark Borowiecki.

I don’t mind anyone taking out a Sen, but it’s Marchand we’re talking about here. And fittingly, his suspension kept him from playing in last week’s Winter Classic, where his teammates were kicked around in solid fashion by the Habs.

Mr. Palmer is a big time talent, there’s no denying, and you can see his other unique works at his website The Hockey Comic.com .

Cole Palmer

Gunned By Flyers


The Canadiens, finishing off eight straight road games, fall 4-3 to the Flyers in Philadelphia, with this latest disappointment coming after a great outing against Boston at the Winter Classic last Friday.

Coach Michel Therrien, when asked about the difference between the big outdoor win and the lacklustre showing in Philly, had this to say:

“I’m glad you boys brought this up,” said the coach as he emptied his bottle of Four Aces, hurled it across the room, and opened another.”

“I don’t care if the league fines me, but I’m gonna get this off my chest. Everybody knows we’re an outdoors team. That’s where we play our best hockey. But look what the schedule maker did. We’re forced to play 81 games indoors and it’s not $#^%& right.”

“Look at the top teams – Dallas, Washington and the rest. These are indoor teams and they get to play all 82 games indoors, while we only get one outdoor game, which is our bread and butter. Is that $#^%& right? Is it?

Coach Therrien has a point. His Montreal Canadiens do not play well indoors, but the league doesn’t seem to care. But it’s always been this way. No one wants to see the Habs do well.

And the beat goes on.

Random Notes:

The Flyers outshot the Canadiens 31-24.

With the eight-game road trip now history, the team plays its next three in Montreal, beginning with the Devils on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, all three games are indoors.

Ben Scrivens, in net for Montreal, was excellent in a losing cause.

Montreal marksman were Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Carr.

outdoor rink



I Got Dem Old Habs Blues


How come a blues playing Habs fan hasn’t written a scorching tune yet about the most wretched of all wretched Decembers?

Or maybe someone has.

If not, it’s time, bluesman. Because in the Montreal delta, folks are goin through some mighty hard times. Lord have mercy.

Surely old Sugar Kane, King of the Blues, can put something together if he’s not too busy howlin in a subway or in front of general store somewhere.

The Canadiens fell 3-1 to a big, young Florida Panthers team to end the month and the year on a downer. It’s the blues, baby.

Three wins and eleven losses in this month. A pathetic 22 goals scored in these 14 December games, which, if I did this right, amounts to 1.57 goals per game over the month.

How do you expect to win like that?

And those crazy dumb penalties. It hurts my head so much I can’t wear my fedora. And my shades are fogging up.

The sun gonna shine in the Montreal delta some day.
Sun gonna shine some day they say.
When the Habs do rise and blow my blues away.

(A wailing harmonica might be a nice touch here.)

Shor nuff, baby, I need some booze.
Cause till they rise, I got dem old Habs blues.

Random Notes:

New Hab netminder Ben Scrivens played really well and was definitely not responsible for the loss.

Florida outshot Montreal 29-28.

Max notched his second in two nights.

Next up – New Year’s Day at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass, when the Canadiens and Bruins clash in the  Winter Classic. Game time is apparently 1: PM ET. For those in the first few rows at Gillette wishing to get a close look at the ice surface before and after the game, taxis will be waiting.




The Sky’s The Limit

A few more days and the December 1st deadline for hockey to start will come and go, and will join the beginning-of-the season deadline, the November full-season deadline, the seventy-game season deadline, and the Winter Classic deadline. Soon it will become the fifty-game deadline, then half-a-season deadline.

Who knows? Maybe in several months we’ll have the beginning-of-the season deadline to be concerned with all over again.

Just close it off and shut it down completely. Quit those long, drawn out four and five hour marathon sessions. And I know, the people who sell popcorn and souvenirs and all the other things involved in off-shoots of NHL hockey can say it’s easy to say but what about us, I say just write it off as a terrible year, we all sometimes have terrible years, and hopefully you’ll rebound next year. Or the year after.

And I realize this isn’t as important as your livelihoods at stake, but for me personally, I’m now posting grade two drawings and sexiest man in the world stories, so we’re all suffering in different ways.

But all is not doom and gloom for me. Not by a long shot. It clicked when I saw that longtime Edmonton Oilers equipment manager Barry Stafford has been included in the Hockey Hall of Fame Trainers Wall of Honour, which makes it official – if I finally get the Habs stick boy job, I have a shot at someday being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame!

I just need to get the job, work hard, get those sticks lined up properly and out to the players in record speed, and who knows, if I can sustain longevity, maybe the day will come when I get the phone call and have to scramble to find a tux. And if and when I do get the call, I’ll include you in my speech. It’ll all boil down to how proficient I am. Players are particular about how they get the shaft.

You see, this is what is great about the sport. A guy rises from nothing, gets the job, and ends up in the Hall of Fame as an excellent stick boy. Maybe down the road, someone who did something not quite as important as stick boy, but still good, could even get in. Like Paul Henderson.




Pretty Sure You’re Going To Have A Great Year

Happy New Year from me, Gaston, Jack Schitt, and Little Dennis.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose ten pounds. If I could just do this, I’d be able to see my shoes again. Another resolution is to win the lottery. Then there’s that plan to walk, just once, the 32 kilometers to work to see if I can do it.

Habs in Sunrise, Florida, not far from Miami, to take on the Panthers and hopefully continue their new and improved play seen in the last two games. Canada’s juniors play the USA at the same time, and although the Americans haven’t had a good tournament, I’m sure they’ll be pumped to play the Canadians.

So it’s a fine night of hockey coming up.

Monday is the Winter Classic between the Rangers and Flyers and they’re talking of mild weather in Philadelphia which could ruin the whole thing. That’s fine by me because I think the whole concept is stupid. Not only are these games at the mercy of Mother Nature, but you’ve got a rink in the middle of a ball park or football field, and the seating starts so far away that those in the first row need binoculars. Those in the upper reaches of the stands need Hubble space telescopes.

Something inside me is yearning for a great thaw on this day. Maybe I shouldn’t think this way. Maybe I’m just miserable. But I think these things are, like I said, stupid.

Once again, Happy New Year. Hope you don’t get the flu even once. And I looked into my crystal ball and saw that 2012 is going to be your best year in a long time. Every night will be like the night you and that special someone found yourself in the back of a Volkswagen van with Barry White crooning through the speakers.



I Want A Habs Version Of 24/7

Finally got to see Part One of 24/7, HBO’s fascinating look at the behind the scenes goings-on of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, two teams going in different directions, and one team with a coach who drops a ton of F-bombs as he gives his inspirational speeches in the dressing room and behind the bench.

It’s a lead-up to the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, and I can’t wait for Part Two next Wednesday.

Glimpses behind the scenes is one of my favourite things, and 24/7 is all about behind the scenes. Hangin’ out, Christmas party, practical jokes like Crosby and the boys taking the furniture out of a rookie’s hotel room and leaving it in the hallway. Team dinners, kids, fans, getting sewn up, and plane trips where we see most of the players playing video games.

I couldn’t be an NHLer. I don’t know how to play video games.

Best of all was Bruce Boudreau blasting his team after another loss. Not surprisingly, he heard it from his mother later on about the couple of hundred F-bombs he let fly in this documentary.

I thought his speeches were great. The hockey version of Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.

Maybe not.

And the Caps continued to lose anyway.

The whole thing was fascinating and I wish someone would do the same thing about the Habs. How great would it be to see the Canadiens off the ice, as Ken Dryden described so wonderfully in “The Game?”

And I wonder if Jacques Martin swears as much as Bruce Boudreau.

Bruins Fans Have Bobby Orr. They’re A Lucky Bunch


The Boston Bruins may not have won as many Stanley Cups as Montreal over the years, but they have one thing they can call their own that the Canadiens can’t. One unbelievable thing to call their own: They have Bobby Orr.

There he was at Fenway looking good, healthy, happy, wearing his number four Bruins sweater, holding a hockey stick in his hands, out on the ice with the Bruins where he should be.

They’re a lucky bunch, those Boston fans. Bobby Orr would’ve looked great in a Montreal uniform. And when I see him now I also see the young guy from Parry Sound, a town an hour away from my hometown Orillia, and Bobby Orr was a legendary name in all the area as a sterling graduate of minor hockey and a player like no other.

I saw him play in Bracebridge when he was still an Oshawa General, and he played an exhibition game for the Orillia seniors against a Muskoka all-star team. The hockey was good, these were seasoned men playing, but young Orr, who was about 16 or so, dominated the game and I remember players from the Muskoka All-Stars shaking their heads and almost laughing at how good this young thoroughbred was.

As cool as the Winter Classic game at Fenway Park was on this first day of 2010, the best part was seeing Orr, and seeing him look good.

Like I say, he would’ve looked great in a Canadiens uniform.

Oh, and the Bruins beat the Flyers 2-1 in overtime. I’ll bet Bobby Orr was smiling.