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We’ll Take A Win, Thank You Very Much

Habs visit Washington tonight and do you know what that means?

It means hockey is back after a winter week of Summer of Love.

It means Bruce Boudreau is going to swear a lot.

It means with a win the Habs can catch the Rangers sitting in 6th place, and come within two points of the Caps.

It means that 35% of players polled feel Washington is overrrated as opposed to 11% who feel Montreal is overrated. How can the Canadiens be considered overrated? Most media people outside of Montreal haven’t given this team a chance since the season began. I’ve yet to hear anyone on any panel give them a hope in hell. They should make the playoffs but not in easy fashion. So how come they’re overrated?

Who rated them highly in the first place, aside from us?

José Théodore’s Infant Son Dies

Canadian Press

The Washington Capitals confirmed Thursday that goaltender José Théodore’s two-month-old son has died.

The son of the former Montreal Canadien passed away last week, but the cause of death remains unknown.

The Capitals issued a brief statement acknowledging the tragedy.

“We are aware of the heartbreaking news,” said general manager George McPhee. “At this time we ask that everyone respects the privacy of José and his family.”

Théodore and his wife, Stephanie Cloutier, also have a three-year-old daughter, Romy.

A native of Laval, Que., Theodore posted a 32-17-5 record last season, his first with the Capitals. He spent the previous two NHL campaigns as a member of the Colorado Avalanche.

LeBron James And Alex Ovechkin



A few months back, Alex Ovechkin presented basketball star LeBron James with a signed Capitals jersey. I saw the clip of this and Ovechkin seemed like a little kid in the presence of greatness, while James, abeit nice and friendly, seemed to play the role of the great player meeting a fan. At least, that’s what I got out of it.

Now, finally, James has sent a signed Cavs jersey to Ovechkin, and Caps owner Ted Leonsis, after giving it to the hockey star, said Ovechkin was like a little kid.

So my question is this: Is LeBron James on a higher level of stardom than Ovechkin? Shouldn’t James have been at least a little giddy meeting the hockey star? Of course Lebron James is the best or second-best basketball player in the world. But Ovechkin is best or second-best hockey player in the world. James is certainly bigger in the US, but Ovechkin has a hockey following in the US, Canada, Russia, the Scandinavian countries, and indeed, throughout the world. James is only 24 years old. It isn’t like he’s a long-time sporting icon like Gordie Howe, Larry Bird, or Willie Mays. And Ovechkin’s only a year younger. Somehow it doesn’t seem right that Ovie should be idol-worshipping someone who’s just on the same level as him.

But this is just my opinion.

Sean Avery Can Finally Get Down To Business

Whew, that was a close one for Sean Avery. Imagine if he’d have to play another series? These last seven games against the Capitals have already cut in severely to his fashion/designer job. Now that the Rangers are gonzo, Sean can finally concentrate on more important things. Being in the playoffs must’ve been a bummer.

However, having said that, Avery is a really effective player, especially along the boards. He’s hard to handle. If this guy had more respect for his real job, players and fans around the league would have more respect for him. He’s a good player.

The Like And Dislike Skinny On The Habs-Sens Game

-I liked that Montreal won the shootout and got their two points with a 5-4 win.

-I disliked that they were winning 4-2 in the third and blew the lead.


-I liked it that Alex Kovalev scored a power play goal.

-I disliked it that they didn’t score more power play goals.


-I like the idea of no third jersey.

-I dislike third jerseys. Why doesn’t Ottawa just stick with their Trojan Condom sweater and be done with it?


-I liked that Andrei Kostitsyn scored again, and that Matt D’Agostini was set up by Gregory Stewart for Stewart’s first NHL point.

-I disliked it that Dany Heatley scored twice.


-I liked it that Robert Lang got two points.

-I disliked it that Jarkko Ruutu got one point.


-I liked it that Bob Cole did the game. 

-I disliked it that Bob Cole did the game.


-I liked it that so many Habs fans were there.

-I disliked it that so many Sens fans who used to be Habs fans were there.


-I liked Maxim Lapierre’s really slow, really fast skate-in in the shootout.

-I disliked the fact that there was a shootout.


-I liked it that Boston lost tonight.

-I disliked it that it was Washington who beat them.


-I liked it that Montreal was on Hockey Night in Canada.

-I disliked that it was probably only because Toronto played last night instead.

Canadiens Pull It Out As ‘Another Night, Another Hero’ Continues

Sergei Kostitsyn , you rascal! Scoring the winner with only 21 seconds to go in the game as the Habs inch closer to the Capitals in the standings with a 5-4 win that makes all Hab fans jumping for joy.  And doing it not long after taking a poorly-timed penalty which led to Washington tying the game up at 4.


Tomas Plekanec, you son-of-a-gun. Invisible for most of the first half of the season, but now playing firewagon hockey, and scoring a short-handed goal and another in the third.


Robert Lang, you ‘happy-to-be-a-Canadien,’ you. Scoring another big one tonight and lighting the dynamite stick that saw the Habs pot four goals in the third period. You came to the Habs when they couldn’t land Mats Sundin. And now you’re a star.


The Canadiens keep it rolling, having now won nine of eleven games, and on almost every night, a new hero does the deed. Maxim Lapierre on one night, Andrei Kostitsyn on another, brother Sergei, Lang, Plekanec, even sometimes Alex Kovalev.


And of course, Jaroslav Halak, who’s coming through in a big way. Good for RetroMikey in Hamilton for defending this guy all along and telling all of us that Halak is an excellent goalie who just needs a chance. It’s great to see something like this happen. It’s a real feel-good story emerging.


And regardless of what CBC colour man Craig Simpson said about if the Habs want to go far in the playoffs, they have to make less mistakes and keep it simpler. Simpson forgot to mention that these young guys who make the odd mistake are also chipping in in a big way while other regulars are sidelined.


He should be throwing kudos at them, not picking them apart. Don’t worry, Craig, they’ll have it all together by playoff time.


The Capitals played well also and had their chances, but couldn’t get it done. And geez, I make a couple of jokes about Alexander Semin and his fighting ability and the guy comes out and scores two goals. I’m not gonna do that again.


Alex Ovechkin had his chances but that’s not anything unusual. He has his chances every game, against every team.


This is a big, big win. It sets things up for Tuesday’s game in Boston. The Bruins won again today, and they need to be slowed down.


And Montreal is just the team to do it.



Warning To All Habs. Be Careful With This Girl, Uh, Guy

Message to Mike Komisarek, Tom Kostopoulos, Frank Bouillion, Sergei Kostitsyn, Georges Laraque (if he plays), and all the Habs.


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, get in a fight tonight with Alexander Semin. You’ll get girly-slapped and have your hair pulled. He may even scratch you with his fingernails. Stay away from her, uh, him.



Habs Give Leafs And Grabovski The Boot

It was no contest tonight between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. No contest at all. In fact, it was almost like a Red-White scrimmage with the Red team coming out on top 6-2.


It could have been 10-2. Montreal had more chances to score than Casanova. And when you add the extra intigue of several donneybrooks and an obvious distaste of each other between Mikhail Grabovski and most of the Canadiens, you’ve got an old fashion Habs-Leafs war of days gone by. I almost expected John Ferguson and Eddy Shack to make an appearance and drop the gloves and ram each other with their heads.


The Habs are rolling. The Leafs aren’t.


Montreal, first and foremost, and received solid goaltending from Jaroslav Halak. And the scoring came from throughout the lineup. The brothers Kostitsyn, Guillaume Latendresse, Maxim Lapierre, Max Pacioretty, and Alex Kovalev did the damage. And many others came close.


These are good times if you’re a Habs fan.


Mikhail Grabovski was a Hab, but he did the unthinkable a year ago. He felt he wasn’t getting enough ice time from Guy Carbonneau, and on a Habs west-coast swing, he bolted the club into the arms of his agent. Not long after, he was sent packing.


This year, when asked how many friends he still had on the Canadiens, he said none.


And he has no friends because he quit on them. And now he’s with a loser while his old teammates are making noises in the Eastern Conference. Several Montreal players wanted a piece of him tonight, as they have previously this year. And they probably will again in the future.


 Bad feelings linger.


Game Notes:


Alex Kovalev came out of his funk when they gave him the ‘C’ after Koivu went down.


Yannick Weber played his first game NHL game. He was placed up front instead of on defence, but I’m sure the young fellow wasn’t complaining. 


Canadiens meet and greet the second-place Washington Capitals on Saturday night, and travel to Boston Tuesday. Two big games, four big points. That’s the plan.




Unfortunately, Boston beat Ottawa and Philadelphia beat Minnesota. That’s the bad news.


The good news is Atlanta won over New Jersey and Pittsburgh lost again, this time to Nashville. Looks like Malkin and Cindy Crosby aren’t enough in Pittsburgh.





Halak and Mates Punch The Clock And Put In A Good Shift

They reported for work at Madison Square Gardens, punched the clock, settled in, worked hard, and took it to the hometown Rangers 6-3. And in the process, the Canadiens leapfrog both the Rangers and Flyers in the standings, and now sit behind only Washington and Boston for top spot in the east.


The storyline easily could be Robert Lang, who potted three big goals. Or the storyline could be two big power play goals, something the Habs have missed for most of the first half of the season. Or the story could have been a disciplined game with only a handful of penalties taken, or also the work again of Maxim Lapierre, Steve Begin, Guillaume Latendresse and the other blue collar boys.


But for me, the biggest storyline was the great play of Jaroslav Halak in goal. Carey Price is still out and looks like it might be a while, and Halak has looked shaky at best in most previous starts. But not tonight. He was solid from start to finish, made the big saves, and looked confident and in control.


This was a nice win tonight. Especially considering the team is without Koivu, Higgins, Tanguay, Price, Dandenault, and Georges Laraque. Although truthfully, Laraque has contributed very little so far this year.


Now it’s back home to meet the Leafs tomorrow night. The team has to keep it going. And Halak has to look as good as he did tonight.


If the team continues to play like this, the future looks bright.


Game Note:


Pierre McGuire talks too much. If he’s such a brilliant hockey mind, why hasn’t a team hired him and paid him several million dollars to lead them to the promised land?