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One Shift At A Time

For the next three Habs games, including tonight’s contest against Winnipeg, tomorrow’s trek to Ottawa, and Saturday’s hosting of the Buffalo Sabres, my game posts will come slightly later, like around midnight instead of immediately following the games. It’s because I have to be at a certain place – work. People don’t stop using the ferries when the Canadiens are playing. I don’t know why, but they don’t.

I realize now that when I was hired, I should have said, “Thanks, but I’ll also need the day off whenever the Habs are playing. Or at the very least, strictly day shifts.” But I didn’t and now I’ll be stuck at work while you’re cheering all those Montreal goals and booing Big Buff and other enemies.

Regardless, I’ll watch the games when I get home. PVRs are a beautiful thing, as were VCRs. I remember years ago, before VCRs were invented, and I was working shift work in Ontario. I missed all kinds of things – playoff games, World Series drama, reruns of The Twilight Zone, bench-clearing brawls. The VCR was one of the best things to come along in years. But have you ever spent an entire shift asking others to not tell you the score? Often someone blurts it out by accident, or says it because they think it’s funny. These people should be rounded up and sent to a Russian Gulag near the Arctic Circle.

I’ve spent years avoiding scores while the games were being recorded. It’s not perfect, this recording business, but it’s what happens when you have to work unusual hours. I just can’t believe that people travel when the Habs are playing.