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Canada’s Lady Curlers Win Silver. Hey Cheryl Bernard, You’d Really Like It Here


Dear understanding and kind wife.

Would you mind terribly if Canadian women curling skip Cheryl Bernard moved in with us?

(And to all you young dudes out there. This is what a hot chick grows in to in her forties. And she’s going to get even better as she grows older. Don’t ever think women aren’t beautiful as they age.)

Cheryl’s 43.

Joannie Rochette Wins For Her Mom

Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, whose mom died just a few days ago, and who has touched our hearts with her courageous skating, has won bronze.

I have no words for this. I well up as I tap the keys on the keyboard. Joannie’s mom had come to Vancouver to watch her girl compete on the world stage, and tragedy struck. But Joannie carried on and now has a medal around her neck.

Canadians are proud of you, Joannie. And your mom is proud of you too.

Canadians Crash Through German Lines

The Russian team, wherever they were at the time, watched Canada play their best game of the Olympics on this night, pummelling the Germans 8-2, and I’m sure Alex Ovechkin and company are now understanding the Games have begun for real. 

At this very moment, there will be Russian fingernails being bitten. This extra game, caused by the Canadians losing to the Americans on Sunday, very well could be the turning point for a Canadian team so scrutinized, so criticized, almost since the Games begun.

You saw a different team tonight, Russians. You saw a team finally playing as a team against the German squad. You saw Crosby step up, and you know your Ovechkin isn’t the only king of the hill in big-time hockey. You saw Joe Thornton come through and score, and you don’t know if he’s about to prove naysayers wrong about his ability to come through in big games. But he just might and you don’t like it. You saw Jerome Iginla score a couple, and you know he’s going to give you trouble. You realize your players are going to have to get in front of Shea Weber’s big shot, and you’re not crazy about that. And you understand now that Mike Richards and Scott Niedermayer love the sound of the puck hitting the back of the net, and it’s clear now that Canada has some underachievers making noise who have been quiet in the past.

It doesn’t make you happy.

And last but not least, you saw a big bear of a man, Rick Nash, with moves that befit a smaller player, finally score a huge goal, and you know he’s going to be trouble because you watched him dominate in the 2007 World Championships, you’ve noticed him come close recently, and it worries you to see him playing now like you hoped he wouldn’t. And you saw Roberto Luongo in nets and you know he’s on his home turf and will be brilliant.

You’re in trouble, Russia. Canada has a new sense of confidence, and it seems chemistry has reared its lovely head.

Wednesday night – Canada and Russia. For all of us armchair quarterbacks, get the TV warmed up.