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Irish Ice

I think it’s fantastic that hockey fans in Ireland got to see an NHL team live and up close when the Boston Bruins came to the Emerald Isle a couple of years ago and took on the local Belfast Giants. Must have been a lot of fun.

First, I must say it’s a fine story by the Irish writer. But I also must add that I, as a Hab fan, and in fact I’ll speak for all Hab fans, take slight issue with what is said in the second sentence.  Bruins in Belfast.

But a good story and I’m glad Irish fans had a good time. Seems like the Giants gave Boston a run for their money. And I wonder if the Belfast Cowboy, Van Morrison, is a Giants fan. Maybe he’s sung the national anthem.

Colin James Laughed Heartily

My day has come to an end. Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow.

This Monday of the August 1st long weekend is one of the busiest days on the calendar for BC Ferries, and I’m done like dinner. I feel like I’ve just killed a four-minute penalty all by myself. And all I can mention about the madness was that I sold tickets today and bluesman/rocker Colin James and his family went through. I see him once or twice a year as he has a place on Savary Island and travels back and forth between there and Vancouver.

A couple of years ago when I was working on the ship he was on and I told him then that I really liked his version of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic.” He said he loved Van the Man and I said I did too, and then I said something silly like I’d write him a couple of hits but I’d need the royalties, or become his agent or something along those lines, and he laughed heartily and we went our merry way.

That’s my story today. Goodnight.