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Amazing Canadiens Find A Way

It’s hard to know how to begin. I’m still in a big of a daze after seeing how the latest Habs and Bruins affair transpired. It’s all quite unbelievable, and because I’ve now turned the dial to the blues channel, I can’t hear the many excuses Bruins coach Claude Julien will come up with as to why his team blew a game to a resilient and crazy bunch of boys from the north country.

Habs 6, Bruins 5 in a shootout, a gunfight at the O.K. Corral, with the Canadiens coming from behind in dramatic fashion and finally, after the sixth round of the shootout, giving themselves two big points and leaving the Bruins muttering and cursing and eating ticks or whatever they do. Not a picture-perfect win, but one of the most satisfying of the season.

Montreal had jumped out to a two-goal lead thanks to Michael Ryder and P.K. Subban, but the Bruins began to dominate the second period and scored four times. I was ready to begin a dismal and depressing obituary. Throw in the towel. Talk about how Bob’s your uncle. But then the puck was dropped for the third period.

It began with Carey Price on the bench and Peter Budaj in goal, and early on, Ryder, with his second of the game, made it 4-3. But Boston once again stuck daggers in by scoring to bring it to 5-3. It seemed over. The Bruins were playing well and getting big chances, but wouldn’t you know it, Peter Budaj came up big time after time, and suddenly, Brendan Gallagher bulged the twine, it was a 5-4 game, and there was hope.

There sure was. Andrei Markov tied the game with nine seconds remaining and a Bruin in the penalty box, and the boys ended up doing what many surely hadn’t expected. They had rebounded in surprising fashion, had tied the game, taken it to overtime, and won it in the shootout when Brendan Gallagher came through again.

In a warm and fuzzy way, it reminds me of the Don Cherry/too many men penalty when the Canadiens came back from almost sure-defeat to beat the Beantowners. They hate us down there and tonight gives them yet another reason to do so. It’s just such a feel-good moment.

We can only imagine the crying from Bruins fans near and far. I wish I had a big stogie I could light up to celebrate their anguish.

What a night. And to think I’d almost given up on these wild and wacky Montreal Canadiens.

Random Notes:

Boston outshot Montreal 41-28.

Peter Budaj was sensational after coming in from the bullpen for the third period and beyond. He stopped 14 of 15 shots, and looked cool as can be in the shootout. There’s not a better example of a backup goalie earning his money as what we saw from Budaj tonight.

P.K. Subban, especially in the first half, was in full control and showed why he’s one of the best, if not THE best. It was nice that he was booed whenever he touched the puck, so I’d like to give a big shout out to Bruins fans for doing this. And I found it funny when TSN announcer Ray Ferraro said Subban COULD be an all-star. What, he’s not there yet?

The Canadiens were solid in Pittsburgh, although they lost 1-0, and grabbed two points the next night in Boston. It’s all just good for the soul.

Rangers in town on Saturday.

The message is sent loud and clear to other teams and the media. The Canadiens need to be mentioned in the same breath as any other serious contender.

Following the shootout, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask had a bit of a meltdown which is really funny. We love Bruins meltdowns.
Here it is, via Danno. Poor Rask!




Inconsequential Habs Report

I wasn’t able to be in Brossard today for the Habs’ on-ice drills, mainly because I’m 4912 km from there. So I missed Alex Galchenyuk do the Hurdy Gurdy on Peter Badaj. It reminded me so much of when I was…….never mind.

You can see young Galchenyuk undress Budaj at three basic places – TSN, Hockey Inside Out, and Darth. I chose Darth.  Galchenyuk shootout

Really, I have nothing more to say. You can read what went on in day 2 of training by people who were actually there, like Canadiens.com and Hockey Inside Out. I was way too far away.

The Vancouver Canucks held their training camp in Powell River back in the eighties and I see no reason why the Canadiens can’t hold their camp in Powell River some day. It’s just too hard to get to Brossard from the West Coast. I’m saying it isn’t fair. Hey Montreal citizens, we’ll let you have the Canucks at Brossard while the Habs come here. Change is good.

The wives are welcome too! I’ll make sure they’re comfortable while the boys are working out.

So it’s settled. Sometime in the next few years, Habs in Powell River, Canucks in Brossard. I’m excited! Thanks Montrealers.

Important WJC Correction

Originally I posted that the World Junior semi-finals would be held on Friday, which is what I had read on certain sites. I’m not going to mention any names, but one in particular starts with T, and also has SN in the name. They were wrong and because I believed them, so was I. Unless I’m losing my mind. In that case, sorry TSN.

Canada plays the U.S, and Russia takes on Sweden, a day earlier, on Thursday, which is only a few hours away. I apologize for this error.

The gold medal game goes on Saturday. Unless I’m wrong about that too.


Coming Clean

Whenever I read a story from CBC’s Elliotte Freidman or Bob McKenzie at TSN or any of the other hockey guys telling us about the lockout and how it’s going, I always notice a bunch of comments that basically say the same thing; Who cares. I’ve moved on. Yawn.

So I’m hesitant to talk about it because lots of people don’t care.

Okay, I’ll be honest. It’s a great excuse to stay away because frankly, most of the time I don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t forget, I was the guy who used to get 10 out of a 100 on my math exams. If I managed 40 out of 100, I felt like Einstein. These words – “fixed targets, make-whole provisions” and the rest is all Greek to me. The only words I know are “He shoots, he scores, Gomez misses the net, Marchand goes for the knees, and Bugsy McSwain takes a dump at centre ice.”

It does seem like the two sides are getting closer though, and it’s possible that hockey will be back in December. If they can figure out that “make-whole” thingy.

Oh, oh. I hear a bunch of “who cares.”


Crawford Thinks I’ll Play

Yes, it’s true I’m a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, but honestly, I haven’t decided if I’ll even play anywhere in 2014, let alone take up a spot on Team Canada’s roster.

Really, even though Marc Crawford feels I’ll be there, I just don’t know. I’m getting long in the tooth. I haven’t played since those Byers Bulldozer Midget glory days and a few momentous nights with the National Grocers beer league team. I also don’t have any skates or stick.

I don’t care if speculation is running rampant on this, I’ll just take my time in deciding.  It’s something I need to think about, regardless of how many millions want me on Team Canada.

I’ll know when the time comes. So until then people, you’re just going to have to chill.

Only Five More To Go

Nice that the Islanders won their game against Pittsburgh. We want the bottom all to ourselves.

The Canadiens did what they do best. A blown lead in the third period, couldn’t get it done in overtime, and then a loss in the shootout. What do they say? It’s like deju vu all over again?

Florida beats the Habs 3-2, and all it means is, well…….nothing. Except Montreal got a lousy loser point and like I said, it’s good that the Islanders won.

Erik Cole tied the game at one in the first period, on a power play of all things, and in the second period, Louis Leblanc swept in on a three on nothing breakaway, made a nifty little move, and the Canadiens went ahead 2-1.

It was nice to see Leblanc show his stuff, but we all know from experience, in watching this club closely from pre-season till now, that a one-goal lead in the second period can only mean one thing.

That this thing was far from over.

And of course the Panthers would score in the third period to tie it. It’s what the script writer wrote. Next year, we’ve got to boot this scriptwriter in the ass and out of town.

That’s fine, this loss. My Russian gang watched it after eating their borscht. They love borscht. It’s a staple. Like beer for me. And by the way, we took this Russian family to Wal-Mart today and it was slightly embarrassing. Is today Welfare Tuesday or something?

If there was a highlight for me, aside from the solid work of Carey Price and Max Pacioretty, was what TSN colour guy Mike Johnson said. Johnson, a thoughtful and articulate fellow who played for the Habs in 2006-07 (11 goals, 20 assists), said that games after being eliminated mean more to teams like the Canadiens than they would to many others, because of the fan support. I so much liked to hear that. We put our hearts and souls into this team all season, and to see them just go through the motions doesn’t work for most of us. It doesn’t for me, anyway. It wouldn’t be right. We’ve put up with enough shit already.

That’s why Rene Bourque is in our bad books. And the others? You fill in the blanks.

Random Notes:

Florida outshot Montreal 36-29.

David Desharnais, Tomas Plekanec, and Louis Leblanc failed to score in the shootout. I like Cunneyworth’s choice of Leblanc. It gives the young fellow a chance to gain more confidence. He’s scored a beauty earlier, and set up Cole’s first period marker, and deserved a chance on the shootout.

Next game – Montreal travels 500 miles down the road to take on the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It’ll be the Habs third straight Friday night tilt.



Mike Cammalleri Says Stuff

I believe this is Mike Cammalleri’s way of taking a shot at Randy Cunneyworth for diminished ice time. And does he deserve diminished ice time? He has 9 goals and 13 assists for 22 points in 37 games. So deflect the blame, Mike, but you’ve brought it on yourself.

Here’s the quote:

“I can’t accept that we will display a losing attitude as we’re doing this year. We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it’s no wonder why we lose.”

The interview on TSN can be seen right here and thanks to Phil for passing it along.

If Cammalleri isn’t happy and would prefer to move on, that’s fine. Maybe the dressing room would be a happier place. And maybe the guy replacing him would put up better numbers.

Hmmm – Which Game Would Get More Viewers?

For all the great Habs fan in the west who don’t have the NHL package or satellite TV or RDS or can’t figure out how to watch on your computer, unfortunately you’re going to have to enjoy the Boston-Montreal extravaganza on radio.

When the puck drops at 7.30 eastern, CBC will be airing Jeopardy and then the Rick Mercer Report.

TSN is showing the Colorado-Minnesota game. I repeat – the Colorado-Minnesota game.

I have RDS, but not everyone does, and….the Colorado-Minnesota game? This is a huge game in Montreal. Gigantic. The game following the last when it was a bloodbath. Two old rivals going toe-to-toe. Intensity, ferociousness, atmosphere to be cut with a chainsaw.

But TSN has decided it’s going to be the Colorado-Minnesota game instead. 

Thanks TSN. Hope you get about twelve viewers.