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The Great Old ‘King of Hockey’

I used to have this on video and I remember a few years back (quite a few years now) when my dad and I watched it and we got a good chuckle, even though it was supposed to be a serious drama.

It went over much better than that time I showed my dad an episode of Trailer Park Boys.

It’s the great old film ‘King of Hockey’ from 1936, and it involves the star player of the New York Violets, Gabby Duggan, getting involved with some gangsters who want Gabby to throw the big game.

To add to the drama and suspense, Gabby goes blind for awhile, which throws a wrench into his hockey career with the Violets, not to mention his love life.

The one scene that stands out for me more any other, and the one which made my dad and I chuckle hardest, is when Gabby stickhandles down the ice with one hand on the stick and with the other he gives a nice, long wave to his girlfriend in the stands.

If you don’t want to know how this hockey classic ends, please look away now……..(Gabby thwarts the gangsters, wins the game, and gets the girl).

It’s My Blood Pressure And I’ll Let It Rise If I Want To

Why am I in a lousy mood on this Saturday in the middle of winter when I have a day off and I get to go to the Gary Lupul tribute game at the rink tonight and eat popcorn? Is it because the Habs lost 3-2 in overtime to the Ottawa Senators? Yep, that’s one reason.

Is it because I’m tired of writing about the team losing? You bet I am.

Is it because the Habs have lost 9 of their last 13 games? See above question.

Is it because it looks like Mike Cammalleri has done serious damage to his foot or ankle? Yep, another.

Is it because Jason Spezza walked around Hal Gill and Marc-Andre Bergeron like they were statues? Of course.

Is it because I hate Carrie Underwood’s singing and her boyfriend Mike Fisher won it for the Sens in overtime? Again, ditto.

So, because I’m in a nasty mood, I think I’ll just let off steam if you don’t mind. And who will I pick on? People who have remained quiet, thankfully, but who deserve to be picked on anyway.

Question to the mindless, low I.Q., classless freaks who in the past have torched cars, overturned police cruisers, and looted stores in downtown Montreal after the team has won a playoff series. Why would you do all that when the Canadiens win and but you now remain quiet like Tibetan monks when the team is losing on an almost nightly basis?

Not that you should be doing it at anytime but I’m curious.

I also wonder how you’ve managed to stay alive all your years without walking in front of a bus or diving off the Jacques Cartier bridge because you were hot and wanted to cool off. I just question your reasons and timing. You don’t even know when to riot.

Now repeat after me – “I-get-angry-when-the-team-is-doing-poorly-not-when-they-win-a-playoff-series.

Got that?

Now go and stand in front of a bus. Or brush your tooth. Or brush your mother’s tooth.

You guys make the Trailer Park Boys look like a collection of Einsteins.

Random Notes:

Habs host the Canucks on Tuesday. I have nothing to say about this other than the Habs host the Canucks on Tuesday.