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Three Serious Questions Part Two. Will Buffalo Work Hard Enough?

The Olympics are over, it’s late August, and school’s not far off. Which means two things: NHL training camps are soon to open, and retired people will take over the roads in their RV’s.


Which brings me to my questions. When swimmers do the backstroke, how do they manage to stay in a straight line? They can’t see. And how can retired people afford gas for their RV’s?


And because the gods have presented the city of Buffalo and its hockey team the extreme honour of hosting the Montreal Canadiens on Oct. 10, is the city of Buffalo preparing properly for this incredulous occasion? 

Will Montreal’s hotel in Buffalo be scrubbed down properly and the silverware polished so it glistens?  

Will the Sabres make the visitors dressing room more lavish and comfortable than just any old dressing room for any old team?

Will there be a parade and ceremony in honour of this Pope-like visit?

Will the Montreal Canadiens be given the key to the city of Buffalo?


All important questions, I think.