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Red, White, And GOLD

Team Canada was just too much for the Swedish team on a warm winter day in Sochi.

Too strong, too workmanlike, too solid on all fronts in blanking Tre Kronor 3-0 and ending this 2014 Olympics with gold and an astounding three goals allowed in six games.

What a sixty minute job by the Canadians and what a feather in Carey Price’s cap with his second straight shutout and just three total goals behind him in his three other appearances.

Carey was great, but this wasn’t a one-man show like it was with the Latvian goalie in Canada’s fourth game. It was Price and an unreal defence and an amazing group of forwards, all there to win gold, and they came through in spades.

There was no way the Swedes were going to win this game. The Canadians owned the ice at both ends, and goals by Jonathon Toews in the first, Sidney Crosby on a breakaway in the second, and Chris Kunitz with a great shot in the third was more than enough to put smiles on fans from sea to shining sea.

Great to see P.K. get his medal with the group. What a sensational smile he has, and his turn will come in four years when he and Price will lead the charge for another gold.

This Canadian win can only help Price and Subban with the Habs. They’ve seen what it takes, and it’ll translate into bigger and better things for them while wearing the CH.

Yes, I’m choked up now. I’m proud to be a Canadian. Proud of Team Canada. Proud of Carey Price.

Gold for Canada in men and women’s hockey.

It’s a moment for Canadians to cherish.

Thank you, Team Canada.



Canada Plays Latvia

Ted Nolan’s Latvia squad upset the Swiss 3-1 today, which means it’s Latvia that Canada faces in quarterfinal action on Wednesday at 12 pm ET.

Certainly the Latvians beating the Swiss is an upset, and the French-language announcers said, while I was giving my usual 147% at work and which was relayed to me by my friend Gilles, that the Swiss were probably already thinking ahead to the Canadian game, which was a bit of a mistake.

So on we go. Bye bye, Swiss. Hello Latvians.

The Rest Of The Way

Just a little guide so it’s all clear.

Qualifying round – Tues. Feb. 18

  •  Slovenia vs Austria @ 3am ET
  • Russia vs Norway @ 7:30am ET
  • Switzerland vs Latvia @ 12pm ET
  • Czech Republic vs Slovakia @ 12pm ET

Quarterfinals – Wed. Feb. 19

  • Sweden vs winner of SLO/AUS @ 3am ET
  • Finland vs winner of RUS/NOR 7:30am ET
  • Canada vs winner of SUI/LAT @ 12pm ET
  • USA vs winner of CZE/SVK @ 12pm ET

Semifinals – Fri. Feb. 21

  • tbd @ 7am ET
  • tbd @ 12pm ET

Bronze medal game – Sat. Feb. 22

  • tbd @ 10am ET

Gold medal game – Sun. Feb. 23

  • tbd @ 7am ET

And The Name Is….

As some of you might know, one of my pet peeves is the way million dollar athletes sign their name now. Worse than doctors.

Personally, I think it’s inexcusable, and yes, you could say that they sign so many it’s only natural that they would get sloppy. Anybody would.

Players of old didn’t, but whatever.

It seems that scribbling like a toddler is normal and completely acceptable now. Is it because of computers and smart phones and the fact that no one writes anymore, or are they just lazy?

Below is a signature of a big star, signed on the back of a Team Canada jersey. Can you recognize it?

The answer is underneath.


Roberto Luongo

Canadian Boys Fall To Finns

Canada and Russia battling for bronze isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said I was hoping for the two to play each other in the World Junior Championships.

But that’s what it’ll be, after Canada fell to Finland 5-1 today, as sad as it is to say. And I hope the old adage about things happening in threes isn’t true, because otherwise, the Habs are screwed this evening.

With all due respect to the Swedes and Finns, the gold medal game won’t be nearly as sexy now. Unless you’re a Swede or Finn of course.

But the reality is, and I’m not the first or the last to say this, the drama is in a good old-fashioned Canada-Russia, or U.S.-Russia, or Canada-U.S. showdown.

Unless you’re a Swede or Finn of course.

Proud of the Canadian boys regardless. They’re awesome. And while they’re still there, they might as well grab the bronze.

Yanks Spank Canada

The U.S. dominated throughout in their 5-1 crusher of the Canadians in World Junior semi-final action, and if there’s a solid reason why Canada just didn’t show up on this day, I’d like to know why. Was it coaching? Was it nerves, or lack of leadership, or lack of sleep? Whatever it was, the Americans blast through to the gold medal game against the Swedes on Saturday, while Canada and Russia sadly battle it out for the bronze after Russia fell 3-2 in a shootout against Sweden.

Not what Canadians from coast to coast wanted or expected, that’s for sure. Speaking as a Canadian, this is quite an obnoxious turn of events to say the least. We have two things to brag about in the Great White North – world-class comedians, and world-class hockey players. We hate it when the Americans try to put a dent in some of our best stuff.

Damn Yankees. And I say that with respect and admiration, because the U.S. squad was just way too good on this day. They seemed to want it more. Much more. I just don’t understand why. We always want it more. It’s what Canadian hockey players are best known for.

And it’s a tremendously depressing sight to see the number one guy between the pipes get yanked in the second period when it was 4-0 at that point. But no blame can be put on Malcolm Subban, or relief Jordan Binnington, who played well under difficult circumstances, like sitting on the bench from game one on. Maybe Subban didn’t have his best game and be miraculous when the going got tough, but it’s a team game, and the team in front of the two just didn’t show up.

There’s going to be a lot of questions from the Canadian side now. Like, what happened? Almost from the first minute of the first period, the Americans took advantage of Canada’s loose play, with pucks being turned over, missed passes, poor line changes, and ultimately, when Canada did get quality chances, particularly in the third period when Ryan Strome, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Dougie Hamilton all were close in, the U.S. goaltender John Gibson was there like a brick wall.

Can Canada win bronze on Saturday against the Russians? Maybe. But I hate bronze.


Crawford Thinks I’ll Play

Yes, it’s true I’m a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, but honestly, I haven’t decided if I’ll even play anywhere in 2014, let alone take up a spot on Team Canada’s roster.

Really, even though Marc Crawford feels I’ll be there, I just don’t know. I’m getting long in the tooth. I haven’t played since those Byers Bulldozer Midget glory days and a few momentous nights with the National Grocers beer league team. I also don’t have any skates or stick.

I don’t care if speculation is running rampant on this, I’ll just take my time in deciding.  It’s something I need to think about, regardless of how many millions want me on Team Canada.

I’ll know when the time comes. So until then people, you’re just going to have to chill.

Canadian Bronze

It’s hard to see Canada go for only third best, the bronze medal, and I know I’m being way too unrealistic and just plain silly. I want Canadian gold every year, but of course it can’t be. There’s some mighty fine teams that show up, great teams, and they want the same thing.

Regardless, our boys played the Finns this afternoon for the bronze (Russia and Sweden go for the big one), and yes indeed, Canada captured the medal with their convincing 4-0 win. I’m very proud of them. I’m proud of them for the way they came back almost all the way in dramatic fashion the other night against the Russians, I’m proud of them for once again showing the world our skill in this great game, and I’m proud of them for winning today.

They won because they’re Canadians with big hearts and great skill and pride, and I say thanks to these kids for giving us such unreal entertainment. Next year we’ll go for gold again, we all know they can do it, and I can’t wait.

What fantastic young players from all the countries. What a fantastic tournament.

USA Wins Gold In A Great Game With Great Teams

Such a great gold medal game between Canada and the US, and although Canada lost, the Canadian team is a team all Canadians can and should be proud of. They were great, this collection of teenagers, and it’s a tough act to follow when your predecessors won gold in five straight years.

The young Canadians came within a whisker of winning after Canadian whiz kid Jordon Eberle scored two late goals to tie it, but the Americans are the gold medalists now with an overtime goal, and indeed, the gang south of the border deserve it.

When you see young men play hockey at this level, you know hockey is alive and well and the talent pool is well-stocked and in great hands for the next generation. And when you see young men play like this, you get passion, skill, excitement, and breathtaking close calls. You get your money’s worth, especially when it’s the Canadians and Americans going at it.

They’re amazing hockey players and the World Junior Championship tournament is something else.

Three cheers for both teams.

The Schedule Maker Sits At Home And Chuckles With Glee

The schedule maker must have grown up in a Habs-hating home. He had the team on a long seven-game road trip, then home for one game, and now down to Washington. Players barely had time to kiss the dog and pat the wife.

And on top of that, the team plays while the Canadian juniors go for gold on another channel.

And on top of that, I’ll be at work all evening.