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Scenes From His Tavern (And More)

This is the kind of thing I really love. It’s not mine, just a photo online, but imagine how great it would look on a shelf in your house.

A Rocket Richard ashtray from the tavern he owned in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Taverne 544/9



Below, a 66 minute National Film Board documentary (in French) on the Rocket called Peut-être Maurice Richard, and scenes from his tavern can be seen at 18:15, 54:55, and 64:26.

The one at 54:55 shows Rocket arm-wrestling a customer, and throughout the film there are wonderful moments, even if you don’t speak French. Maurice Richard was such a nice and humble man.

(Thanks to Christopher for sending this along).

Peut-être Maurice Richard by Gilles Gascon, National Film Board of Canada

The Sign On St. Laurent

I pray no one thinks I’m disrespecting the Rocket here.

It’s regarding the neon sign outside Rocket’s pub, Tavern 9, the watering hole he owned for several years beginning in the late ’50s.

Originally it had the word “Taverne” from top to bottom, and crossed hockey sticks below his name, but in one particular photo from La Presse, his career goal tally, 544, was added and “Taverne” isn’t there for some reason.

I dunno, maybe the sign could’ve been slightly different….I think it must have been under renovation.

Here’s how it originally looked, as you can see on this old lighter. (Photo from Classic Auctions).

No. 9

Here’s the photo from La Presse.