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Robert’s Book

Before I even knew what a blog was, I would read Habs news and stories on the computer during graveyard shifts at work, and I kept coming across these massive, in-depth posts about the Canadiens, all written by someone named Robert Lefebvre. I used to think that this must be a serious Habs fan. Someone like myself.

When my own blog was brand new five years ago, Robert came across it and his mentioning of it often on his Eyes On The Prize site helped get it off the ground, and my readership began to grow. He was unselfish and he made me feel good to be doing what I was doing. I’ve never forgotten it.

When I heard that Robert had written a brand new book, Tales From The Montreal Canadiens Locker Room, I ordered one pronto. There was no question about that, and it came yesterday. My next few days are jam-packed, but soon I’ll be able to settle in and enjoy Robert’s creation. 

In looking through it, I can see what s a remarkable job he’s done. Tons of stories from this talented and knowledgeable Habs fan, and it’s a nice and important addition to my Habs library and to anyone’s.

Congratulations Robert on your new book. I can’t wait to get going on it.