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Ring In The New Year

When I own the Canadiens and the team is winning Cups, I promise to do this.

Recently, when the L.A. Kings hosted the Vancouver Canucks, fans walking into the Staples Center were given replica Stanley Cup rings instead of the usual towel or fridge magnet or other trinket that one would usually get and which usually ends up in a box in the basement. What a great friggin idea. Replica rings.

Has this ever been done before? If not, why not? It just seems to me to be a terrific game giveaway. You can wear it proudly (if it fits). Or put it in a display case, which would look much better than a towel in a display case.

Too bad the Canadiens never did this. How great would it be to have Forum ring handouts from the five straight Cup wins in the late 50s. Or the four from the 1960s. Or a full collection of six 1970s rings.

I know there are various fine-looking and well-made replica rings out there, including Habs and L.A. Lakers and others, and which sell for healthy bucks, but it’s not the same as being given one at a game, for free, even though it’s plastic. Wouldn’t you think?

There’s a few on eBay now, like the one below. I like this idea. I want a 2012-13 Habs one.