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Lesser Moments For Kovalev

Good old Alex Kovalev, the man who could dazzle us for one game and stink for the next five, is back in Montreal tonight wearing a Florida Panthers uniform. Kovalev, who was with Atlant Moscow Oblast of the KHL for the 2011-12 season, returned to North America and just after the lockout ended, signed with the Panthers.

I remember that night against Boston when he had his hand slashed by a Bruin, gave up on the play because it hurt a little, ran into Sheldon Souray as he was feeling so badly, and when all this was going on, a Bruin player took the puck, waltzed in, and scored the winner in overtime. I was embarrassed by Kovy’s antics that night.

In fact, for as long as he was a Montreal Canadien, which became five years ending in 2008-09, often he could embarrass with his fakery. He could also play like he didn’t care, and then sometimes, out of the blue, he’d be sensational, the best guy on the ice, a magician with the puck, and we’d cheer like crazy. But we never knew which Kovalev would show up, and for me personally, it was good when he finally hung up his Habs sweater.

Here’s the hand slash episode, and other moments in Kovalev’s career when he was less-than-stellar.

4-1 Win In Ottawa Puts Habs In Playoff Spot. Now They Have To Stay There

I’ve decided to do something different tonight. I’ve decided not to bother with all the ins-and-outs of what happened in the big 4-1 win in Ottawa tonight.

You know how it all played out. You saw the shots on goal margin, the great saves by Halak, the nice Plekanec-to-Cammalleri goal and the pinball shot by Marc-Andre Bergeron. You saw Scott Gomez become a huge penalty-killer, and you hardly saw Alex Kovalev in his Sens uniform because it was one of those nights when Alex decided to go on coffee break..

He’s been known to do that on occasion.

You also saw Jaroslav Spacek go down with an injury, and pretty soon if these parade of injuries don’t stop, I’m going back to church and start asking questions. I’m owed. Owed big time. I was an altar boy for goodness sakes. All those early mornings during summer holidays when I had to get up at the crack of dawn to do the altar-boying. That time when I set myself on fire lighting candles. Or how I almost tripped several times in front of a church full of people because my robe was too long.

Hey, Man upstairs. I’m owed. So enough with the injuries already.

I also read the other day about a crazy trade rumour involving Edmonton and Montreal. Whoever wrote the story (in a CBC article) came up with this: Sheldon Souray and Andrew Cogliano for both Kostitsyn’s. This is probably just a silly rumour but I’m mentioning it because in this blog, it’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Random Notes:

To all the Habs fans who became Senators supporters and tossed the Habs aside like an old oily rag when Ottawa got a team, please don’t cry in your corn flakes.

Habs were outshot 46-27. I have no comment on this, except good for Jaroslav Halak.

Thursday, Pittsburgh’s in Montreal.

Habs On A Mission, Iggy Pops Sheldon, And Pasquale Souray Serves It Up

edmontonIt’ll be several degrees below zero with a chance of snow this weekend in Edmonton, which means for Edmontonians, it might be the nicest weekend of the whole year.

Montreal’s in this self-described ‘City of Champions’ for an extremely important game (and it’s only the fifth of the season) because we’re now watching with baited breath to see how they respond after the Gruesome Groping on Griffith Way Wednesday night. For Habs fans, it’s all about the team playing better, seeing how Carey Price responds, and of course, winning.

For Edmonton fans, it’s all about setting up a posse to round up Calgary’s Jerome Iginla, who tripped and trampled upon Don Cherry’s boyfriend Sheldon Souray Thursday night.

And for Sheldon Souray, it’s all about mushrooms and pepperoni.

Bob Gainey’s Really Weird Idea. And Brian Burke Is Probably Very Nice At Home.

Bob Gainey, at the GM’s meetings, proposed a change in the game that can be looked at as either brilliantly innovative, or completely laughable. Either way, it’s interesting.


Gainey’s idea is to make it illegal for a player to slide across the ice to block a shot, therefore creating more offence, more shots on goal. He wants to do away with exactly what he and Guy Carbonneau did on a nightly basis when they both played.


Players would have more teeth if this was implemented. There’d be less bruises, less chance of getting killed. I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.


Goalies would hate it. More blasts from the blueline getting through.


Players with less guts than players like Gainey and Carbonneau would love it because then they wouldn’t have to look silly by not diving in front of a Sheldon Souray shot. They could say to the coach, “I would’ve slid and blocked it but it’s against the rules so I couldn’t.”               


Don Cherry would hate it, because not doing this hard-core type of thing isn’t lunch-pail hockey.


Fans might like it because of the added offence. Fans might not like it because a good fan likes to see the brave and unselfish task of blocking a shot in the face for the good of the team.




It’s never good when a fairly good team starts slow out of the gate because eventually they’ll break out of it and there’s always that chance they’ll break out of it against your team.


You have to figure that the Anaheim Ducks, with players like Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger, will figure things out eventually. Right now, before their game with Ottawa Friday night, the Ducks’ record stands at two wins and five losses, which is quite mediocre to say the least.


The Ducks certainly have one thing going against them – the incredibly stupid name, ” Ducks,” which is only slightly less stupid than “Mighty Ducks.”


And Brian Burke is probably an excellent front office-type, except he always looks like his boxer shorts have too much starch in them. And his “I’m smarter than you” attitude, his childish fights with Kevin Lowe, and his distaste of reporters’ questions makes you think he’d rather be doing something more important, like running the world.


I was told once by an ex-sports editor of the Calgary Sun that Burke and former league executive Brian O’Neill were the two most miserable characters he ever had to deal with in the NHL.


Habs and Ducks Saturday night.


Go Habs.


May the Ducks lose like they’ve never lost before.





Like A Good Boomerang, Fascinating Facts Keeps Coming Back!

Fascinating Fact #1.  I asked my wife who the most handsome player in the NHL is, and she said it’s a tie between Jose Theodore and Sheldon Souray. She also said, however, that Max from Dancing With The Stars beats everybody. Everybody but me, I think she said.

 Fascinating Fact #2.   Babe Ruth transcends all sports, so he gets in Fascinating Facts.  Ruth was notorous for not paying attention to the fringe players on his team, the Yankees. One day Tony Lazzeri introduced, for fun, a relief pitcher to Ruth who had been with the team for four years already, only Lazzeri said this was a new player just out of Princeton. Ruth was impressed about the Princeton part and welcomed the “new” player with open arms.

 Fascinating Fact #3.    In the early 1910’s, Lester and Frank Patrick pioneered professional hockey on Canada’s west coast, and the first two artificial rinks built in Canada were in Victoria and Vancouver.

 Fascinating Fact #4.     Defenceman Noel Price, an important member of the early and mid-1960’s Montreal Canadiens, now lives in Ottawa. He was one shy of playing 500 games, and is also a member of the American Hockey League Hall of Fame. Price won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1966.

 Fascinating Fact #5.    Toe Blake, a man of great words, once said, “if my son ever decides to become a goalie, I’m going to hit him over the head with a goalie stick.”

 Fascinating Fact # 6.    My midget coach was a man named Jack Dyte. In 1943 he played 27 games with the Chicago Blackhawks, and that was it for his NHL career. He managed one goal and no assists during this stint. But the thing was, he chewed tobacco at our practices and spit the juice on the ice. So the surface had dozens of brown spots all over it. I always wondered how he got away with that.